Justice League Movie Premiere at Resorts World Genting

So what is the movie all about? Spoilers? Do I look like some click bait or someone who would spoil the movie? Nah. But I can tell you it's about HOPE! I am being very fortunate being the first few who gets to watch the movie premiere up here in Resorts World Genting. There are also plenty of activities held in conjunction with the release of the film here in SkyAvenue. Wanna know more about my experience and how I rate this movie? Read on!

Hope never dies.. Some of us were devastated when we found out the tickets for the first few days went all sold out in KL and I would be traveling off from KL too early to see it in cinemas anyway..

That's when hope came in the form of an email that says I am invited for the premiere screening 6000 feet up above sea level in Resorts World Genting!

If there's one thing we will never miss, it would be the Sky Symphony Show at SkyAvenue

Yeah we are always fascinated with balls and the vibrant movies.. You can read more about it HERE!

First stop, my favourite fire wood over pizza place, Motorino which serves the best piping hot pizza so far. Read more about my Motorino experience HERE!

 We also had a celebration for all October and November baby bloggers =) I am 1(one) years old. One candle only.. Mwahahahaha

With the lady who arranged the surprise birthday cake for us. Choco Cheese cake. Now I need more of this cake blogging at 5 am in the morning =)

Movie tickets with POPCORNS!! Soap and Keychain for Birthday Babies. Yes Ayam(I'm) Batman

 Next stop before the movies. DC Super Heroes Cafe. In conjunction with the release of the movie, they are having a roadshow from 10th to 26th November at Sky Avenue level 3 where the cafe and retail is located at. The roadshow features interactive super heroes games, photo booths and visitors could also get movie merchandise and toys.

Let's get back to the cafe. They reserved a special seat with my logo on it =)

Wanna see me make this pencil disappear? Y so serious?


 Bloggers at work!

 Superman Rainbow cake!!!

Literally my reaction when I saw it. p.s. The cafe served food and drinks and you could also get merchandises here and if you want discount for the roadshow, sign up for a Genting Rewards Membership to get a RM50 DC Superheroes Comics Retail cash voucher(only for new members) at https://rwg.genting/GRJL. That's all right? Nope. What if I tell you that you could also get free tickets? From now till 26 Nov, earn 2GP from Genting Rewards Merchants and you get a Justice League movie ticket for free.

Some of the merchandises on sale. Suicide Squad Cap, Keychains, Landyard, Coasters and other items like t shirts and toys.

Our main highlight of the day! The PictureHouse Cinema, RW Genting's own Box Office. You didn't know they have a cinema up on the hills? Now you do. More info on the cinema HERE!

Happy girl with popcorn and drinks at the back =)

You did think they are not up to date? Nope, they are showing the latest movies as soon as they are released in Malaysia, at times earlier than some major cinemas.

The seats are real comfortable and spacious with good room leg for even someone as tall as me. Kidnapped Racheal's bunnies to accompany me through the movie

 Did you know they are also Dolby Certified? Yes so you get the best out of your movie experience

So is the movie good? I could tell you it's 2 hours of perfect movie experience that will capture the full attention of movie goers. I am definitely going back for more rounds. This is the movie of the year so far which you should not miss. p.s There are 2 end credit scenes. Stay till the end so you know what is coming real soon. Next movie? Next year!!!

 Once again, thanks for the invite, I really enjoyed the movie and the hospitality!


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