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Knowhere Bangsar, Eatery, Bar & Cigars Review

Looking for a dining place at the heart of KL in Bangsar where you could jump straight into drinking or even wine as you dine? What if I tell you its food would remind you of home while at the same time serves unique cocktail creations? Read on to find out more...

Knowhere Bangsar is located directly facing Jalan Maarof so it's hard to miss this place.

The place has a modern concept which spots hand painted wall designs

At the same time, they do have a quite substantial collection of drinks to create a mix that is sure to suit you.

Smoked Plume and Plum - This deliciously home smoked duck, topped with Plum & Peach Salsa, Mango sauce and Onion Marmalade is perfect with any drinks.

Grill Calamari - Fresh South China Sea Squid grilled just nice accompanied with Belacan Salsa for that local touch

Mussel Sambal with Basil Lime - Chilean Black Mussels serve with a tinge of Basil Lime Chili to five it the additional flavours

Burnt Butter Steak - Sliced juicy tender seared Flank Ste…

Food, Drinks & Fun @ RedTail Genting by ZOUK!

So where's the best chill out place now and it must be COOL? Why not head up to the city in the skies, SkyAvenue @ Resorts World Genting to visit this latest party scene? What is so special about the place? Read on to find out more..

 At first glance from pictures, it would seem like any other normal party place but when you are there, you would quickly notice the difference. Covering 4289 square feet, this is an adult's playground that could fit up to 150 people so you can have your party here.

They offer numerous FUNs in the form of Xbox, Shots & Ladders, Giant Jenga, Darts and a few others like this beer pong

Fully automated with ever helpful and cheerful staffs to teach you the game

Pool, add some punishment where opponent's drinks whenever you pockets a ball for a fun night

Giant beer pong!! Grab your partner and start the battle now!

There are also games going around all night like the good old Limbo Rock where one stands to win prizes

Then comes the drinks.. Th…

Potboy O2O crazy fun sale

Eh Kellaw, What is PotBoy? Can use to cook one ar? Nolah.. It's one of the latest online grocery stores offering real low prices with free delivery for purchases so you can save your time from going out under the hot sun or even driving out in the jam while paying for parking to get to the nearest store. They recently had an Online to Offline sale at Jaya One. Wanna know more? Read on..

The event served as an introduction to their free delivery system which is as simple as just install, register and start ordering groceries, food, baby care, household cleaning items which are delivered to your doorstep

Pairing with Fave, it gives a cashless experience throughout the event where one see popular brand items going on real insanely cheap prices. There were products from Homesoy, Nestle, Nescafe, Maggi, Coca-Cola, Minute Maid,  Barbican, 100 plus, Bon Chili, Sabah Tea, Pokka, Soyfresh, Red Chef, Brands, Kapal Api, Ali Cafe to Dettol, Kao, Mamypoko, Attack, Laurier

p.s. We used tons of…

Plane In The City Kuala Lumpur Review

Want the perfect dinner for you and your date tonight? Where's the best place to go which is sure to impress your date? Want to bring your other half for a prestigious anniversary dinner but is at a lost on where to go? Fret not, I have just the place for you. Plane in the City KL has landed. Read on to find out more...

Located in Skyland Kuala Lumpur, they feature a runway lighted up with real runway lights.

Yes it's an actual Boeing 737 plane!

How did they bring setup the whole plane here? Magic =)

Real runway lights

They also feature the other attraction which is dinner in the sky

"Online check in"

Take a mugshot before being ushered into the Skyland Lounge

Wait in comfort while they prepare your flight

You could order a drink or two while waiting too

Wait for the pretty Air Stewardess to call for boarding

The plane has been refurbished and sprayed with an actual plane coat of paint

Enter the plane to be greeted by a smile

Cockpit visit!

Take selfies to show your…
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