Halloween Party with Potboy & Probably the best Beer, Carlsberg

The holiday seasons are finally here. For me the holiday season starts with Halloween all the way till New Year where friends and family gathers together for a few bottles of beer in celebration for the good year. I recently attended a Halloween Party at the Carlsberg Brewery organized by Potboy where I found the easiest way to get my beers this year. How? Read on to find out more..

What's Halloween without a dress up competition right? All thanks to Potboy Groceries for the invite. I just kidnap the pumpkin for this =)

We were first given a sample of their best sellers so we know what we could go for after that

All the beers and stouts which are available through Potboy Groceries.

What's beer without something to munch with right? The whole roast pig just for us!

And extra smooth freeflow Carlsberg to accompany the roast pork. 
p.s. They serve their beer extra cold for that extra smooth sip only in Carlsberg Brewery.

Other than the best dressed costume contest, we also have fun and games like beer pong, guess and match the beers where there are prizes to be won and beers to be drank.

In case of emergency, break glass? The wall full of beers!

So back to sharing a beer with your friends, family and loved ones without ever having to walk to the store. Full Range of Beer categories can actually be found at POTBOY GROCERIES? Visit https://potboy.com.my/index.php/carlsberg.html and boy did I mention it's FREE DELIVERY right to your doorsteps?

Now with beer arriving direct to your doorstep, you could party and dance all night long!

Special thanks to Potboy Groceries,  dr Life resources, Carlberg Brewery Malaysia for the awesome party


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