Gloomy day...RIP to my good loyal "friends"

Yeap... it's a gloomy day to start with.. This pic was taken a while back when I know it will be used for something like this post. Mind the watermark as I am only using paint for it... Good enough for me it seems. It was a surprise for me as I didn't really notice mt "friends" were gone when I returned. Somehow it was late at night and I thought they were off to sleep which is usual. It was only the next day that Auntie Pauline told me that I know they were gone for 3 days.. I was like...sigh... I was caught speechless.. I held my tears till I am in my room.. If only I knew they were going away... If only I did stayed the morning before I left to spend more time with them.. If only I played with them the night before and treat them snacks... Too many IFs but I guess I can't change anything anymore now.. I really didn't see it coming.. Sigh...

RIP King.. You will always be a good friend to me.. Somehow he is like a protector to me... Follows me around when I am out at night. Somehow I am missing you now.. There's no more you waiting for me at the gate when I return..

Then when King died, his loyal companion Lisa went on a hunger strike and at the end suicides in the drain... sigh...

You will be missed and remembered..


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