Mi Note 64GB Global ROM Review

Wonder how did the Mi Note 64GB fare?

Yeap. Start of with the unboxing video.

What makes it so special and with the motto ahead with the curve? First thing I did with the Mi Note, set it to the Malaysian Mi Community theme. The first thing I noticed when I lay my hands on it is the curved 3D glass back fitted with gorilla glass 3 on both front and back.

A quick comparison between the size. From left to right Mi Note, Mi4 and Mi4i, The Mi Note spots a bigger display for a good reason which I will tell you why later. It has a 5.7" Sharp/JDI full HD display at 386 ppi(Pixel per inch)

It also spots a Dual 4G SIM Dual Standby(one micro one mini) which makes it much easier to switch between lines without switching phones.

So you think that the pricetag of 1549MYR for a phone fitted with 64GB internal memory and a 801 processor 3GB RAM and maybe a few special function like the Night Mode, torch mode when taking pictures at night(torch is on and not the normal flash when taking pic), bigger gorilla glass display with aluminum alloy body  is a little too much to pay for right? What if I tell you it's fitted with the ESS sound chip with better bit rate than a cd player? Made perfect for digital lossless music. Believe me when I could hear each key, high and low, left and right just by playing my Bohemian Rhapsody FLAC file.

I have also tried it over normal earphones and several different Headphones with same effect. Yes all these is made possible by the HiFi mode from the ESS chip which is only available on very /high end sound devices.

GAMING!! The fast 801 processor makes gaming as smooth as my favourite taufufah(beancurd dessert). Long hours of gaming doesn't seem as bad now. Oh did I mention that it has this Night Reading Mode which reduces the blue light? I literally played the game in the dark for hours without feeling the strain in my eyes.

13 MP back camera takes superb pictures.. Here are some of the pictures taken with the Mi Note


  • Sunlight display in most latest Mi Devices which adjusts pixel contract under harsh sunlight so you don't need to find shade to view your pictures
  • HiFi audio system with lossless playback
  • Bigger pixel sensor size front camera for low light and better clarity
  • Night reading mode with blue light reduction
  • Back camera with OIS stability system increases picture taking in low light condition and long shutter speed of up to 32 seconds(you need a tripod to take good pictures)
  • Larger clearer display
  • Dual SIM 4G

  • The edge is a little rough with the glass back. Doesn't happen on the bamboo back thou. The aluminum sides could be trimmed further for better grip.
  • The glass back may cause slip on an uneven table(a casing on the other hand will kill the style but I still love the device nonetheless)
  • The aluminum frame does heat up a little with long hours of heavy 3D gaming with High Performance battery mode.(4 hours is a little hot to the hands but superb battery life here)


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