Grey N Blue Review

So you are having a date/meeting but at the same time feel hungry around the area of Cheras. So where to find an air conditioned place but you wanted to avoid fast food restaurants. Fret not, I have just the place for you. Introducing Grey N Blue where they serves pork free dishes, western and chinese food, desserts and drinks for those who just want a light bite and chill out.

Sample quick bite dessert available

What's a dessert without coffee right? They serves a wide range of selection for drinks. I went for the coconut latte.

 For starters, dive into deep fried calamari rings served with tartar sauce. Priced at MYR13

Food? Full fledged meals are also available. My personal favorite as the first thing that comes into mins is this is a KFC chicken merged with Cheezy Wedges. But this taste much better as there's another layer of cheese which gives it more flavor. Priced at MYR22

Then we have the Chinese influenced Salted egg chicken. Deep fried chicken wrapped in a layer of salted egg yolk. Need I say more?

Now you want something for sharing and not so full. 3 mini beef burgers would be a good choice where you could share and ensure you don't get too full. Priced at MYR21

Roast Scotch Chicken. Less oil fully roasted topped with creamy sauce for perfection. Priced at MYR25

Served with a gracious amount of seafood variety that will definitely satisfy any seafood lover. Priced at MYR28

Jumbo breakfast. I could really imagine myself having this for my breakfast. Served with freshly grilled mushrooms, Hotdogs.. Oops I mean sausages and potatoes topped with a sunny side up and the salad for a balanced meal. Priced at MYR19.8

Then we have the Mixed Grill Platter. Generous spread of grill lamb hidden under the large freshwater prawn baked with cheese and paired with grilled tomato.

For the sides, it is served with sauce, mashed potatoes and sauteed vegetables. Priced at MYR50

Last on the food group we have the spaghetti vongole topped with a huge amount of clams. Perfect for clam lovers. Priced at MYR20

Now comes the desserts. We have four stomachs right? One for food 3 for desserts and an extra hidden one for ice cream =). Priced at MYR26.9

Last but not least we have their signature shaved ice. From top in clockwise, Taro Yam, Honey Dew and Strawberry Candy. All priced at MYR 12.9 each

Now comes the judgement. My Take?

Air conditioned for comfort, takes credit cards, good coffee, a bit on the pricy side so this place is a 6.5-7 over 10 for me.

The Place: Grey N Blue,No 7, Jalan Temenggung 25/9, Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Cheras 43200 Selangor.

Operation Hours:
Tue to Thurs, Sun: 11.00 am - 12.00 am
Fri & Sat: 11.00 am - 1.00am
Closed on Mondays


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