Ninebot Personal Transportation Review with Video

I was invited by Ninebot to one of their product testing event and as I have always been into all these latest tech, I went looking forward to get my hands on one of the wheelers. =)

In case you don't already know, Ninebot is the leading electronic personal transporter provider produces multiple types of personal transporter.

Here's the video of how my testing went.

Top of the line they are selling the Ninebot-P. The easiest for beginner as it works with the handle. It also comes with superb safety features, high battery life, and could also lock the max speed from 4 to 20km/hour where the max speed is 20km/hour. At the top with the handle is the friendly display which displays the batt, speed, temperature and mileage and many more.

Yeap. What is a testing without going at max speed right? Wheee

Next we have the Ninebot Mini Pro. At first, one would feel uneasy as there's no handle but very soon we got used to the gadget and running here and there with it.

I would rate this as superb maneuverability, more compact than the Ninebot-P and comes with auto stabilization.

It somehow looks like it's just wheels on the shoes with a max speed of 18km/hour.

3 hours charging time for hours of fun.

I have a feeling I am gonna get one of these soon.

The most compact but one of the hardest to get on is the Ninebot One which looks like an electronic unicycle.

It takes a while before you really get the hang of it and could roam around easily with this. It comes with interchangeable shells and lights with ultra fast charging of 30 to 60 minutes and max speed of 22km/hour.

What I like most about this? Easy storage and compact enough for me to hide in a drawer or even in a shoe rack.

All these could be controlled by the Ninedroid App which is basically a remote control for the gadgets.

The Dashboard page could also show the current speed, mileage, temperature, running time and also has the functionality of shutting on/off motors, locking/unlocking Ninebot.

On the Bluetooth control page, one could control the device to move forward/backward and turn directions.Look at it as more of an automated bat mobile press and make it come to you. =)


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