Porky-Rib-cious New Menu from Morganfields

Ever wondered what the best meat on a porky? How about an all Porky-Rib-cious meal at Morganfields to find out? I was there recently to try out their new sticky bones menu and boy, I loved what I was served. Juicy succulent meat separated by bones so you eat them like that chicken drumsticks and wipe the bone clean. Wanna know what is new or delicious? Read on..

 With more than a dozen of restaurants over in Malaysia, this makes this Home of Sticky Bones an easily accessible restaurant for all porky lovers. I visited their branch right in the middle of the city in Pavillion KL

 Who says pigs can't fly? You get more than what you bargained for here with their menu..

 My personal favourite "table" to go along with their food? The bar of course. What is better than downing chunks of juicy meats with a glass of whiskey or cold crisp beer right?

 Seafood Chowder.. The whole big bowl of treasure underneath. Don't be fooled by the appearance, the bottom packs a gracious amount of mixed seafood. The best warm bowl to start your meal with.

 Light bite appetisers, Mussel Kilpatrick. No, no Patricks were harmed in the process.. This is one of the many tasty appetisers which was served to tickle your senses before the main.

 Sticky Wings! Who doesn't like fried wings right? One gets to choose from a variety of Honey Soy(sweet and a touch of soy and vinegar), Golden Egg Crunch (Salted Egg!) and Fiery Habanero(a must try for all spicy lovers)

 Roasted Pork Bellies.. All a man could ask for with a pint of cold crisp beer. Juicy meat with crispy skin roasted to perfection is one of the best starters of all.

 For those on diet, you could have the porky salad.. At least you wouldn't feel that bad as you ate veggies along with that sinfully delicious crispy pork bellies =) p.s. the salad sauce contains treasure in the form of fried pork lard chunks

 Sizzling Pork Chop with mushroom sauce served with caramelized onion, vegies and red skin mashed potatoes when all you want is the nice aromatic meat without bones.

 Bacon and Prawns Aglio Olio, all my personal favourite toppings on one plate, big tiger prawns, bacon bits, runny egg yolk with a toasted garlic bread on top of spaghetti.

 Jack Daniel Burger, Jack Daniel glazed crargrilled pork patty, onion rings and bacons.. Good for takeaways so you could feel loved while on the move.

 Meat Lover Mini Platter.. Oh yes! This is the mini plater with everything nice. Salad, sticky bones, roasted quarter chicken, sausages and fries! One really need to be really hungry to finish the whole plate.

 That or you just share a plate with your loved ones.

Can't finish such a big platter? Go and order their Jim Beam BBQ baby back. Extra tender baby back ribs with their specialty bbq sauce that is definite to melt in your mouth served with their home made crispy on the outside, tender on the inside flat chips!

Want more info? Visit http://morganfields.com/index.php and find your way to the nearest Morganfields now!


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