Edelweiss Beer from the Alps is finally here in town at a city near you!

I oddly remembered the moment when I had my first Edelweiss Beer long long time ago. It was a trip to Langkawi, the island of duty free booze. The store owner recommended it and told me it's gonna be hard for me to find it anywhere else in Malaysian and even if I could find it, it would not be at a reasonable price. I gave it a try and it was the only beer I drank on the island the rest of my trip. Imagine my excitement when Heineken Malaysia announced they would bring this beer in? On top of that there would be exclusive Edelweiss flagship outlets! Read on to find out more...

I was a happy kid when I was told they are opening one of their exclusive Edelweiss flagship outlet, The Alps Bar right at where we KLites avoid the city scorching heat at.. Genting Highlands Sky Avenue. I guess I would visit Genting more after this? =)

Why Genting Highlands? Where else would you get the Cold Windy Alps experience 6000 feet above sea level other than Genting Highlands eh? On aircond at home electricity bill expensive le..

The grand opening of The Alps Bar was graced by from left to right: Tan Koon Lin, Thaddeus Huang(Both owners of The Alps Bar), Dato' Edward Holloway(Executive VP, Leisure & Hospitality of Genting Malaysia), Roland Bala(Heineken Malaysia Managing Director), David Lau, Vasily Baranov(Heineken Malaysia Sales Director), Pablo Chabot(Heineken Malaysia Marketing Director)

Roland Bala, Managing Director of Heineken Malaysia gave us the welcome speech and an introduction on the Edelweiss Beer and the blade machines.

The VVIPs get their hands on with the Blade Machines to pour their perfect glass of Edelweiss Beer

So how does the bar looks like? It's a 2 storey bar and I personally loved the top floor as it's less hectic and more cooling for that private drinking experience with friends. The decor makes you feel like you are in the Alps doesn't it?

On a non rainy day, the curtains would be lifted to the Theme Park and Genting Highlands Hotel's Iconic Red Neon Logo view. All the long tables to ourselves!

You think they would just serve beers? Nah, they serve a range of quality and tasty finger food all the way to a full blown meal. Guess where I had my dinner?

Wait for the waiter to get me my beer? I have something better! Pour my own beer from the blade machines since me and my group had one blade machines all to ourselves!

Me and my fellow bloggers at the launch

What are you waiting for? Go grab your bottle, can or even blade of Edelweiss today from your nearest marts or pop up bar locations and celebrate with your friends. For more information on the new pop up bars in Penang, Johor and Klang Valley, visit the Edelweiss Facebook and Instagram.

p.s. If you wanna get the blade machines for your parties(hint: Chinese New Year is coming soon), order yours from drinkies.my. They also do deliver cold crisp beer right to your doorstep


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