Guinness's St. Patrick's Celebration all around Malaysia in the month of March

Guinness is back this year for the St. Patrick's celebration with more participating pubs and bars this year. For years Guinness have been my to go stout and without exception this year, it's been part of my "Make it our Day to Remember" St Patrick's celebration with friends once again.

This year with the Instagram AR filter, Guinness lovers like me could customize our own pints with charms and trinkets by scanning the Guinness logo on the pint glasses. Where? Go to -> link

P.s. What if I tell you that you could bring the glass home and create more AR stories by pouring your own pint? Yes, with purchase of 2 sets of Guinness at participating outlets, you get the glass for free.

OK now on the participating outlets and what is on the offer for the entire month.

First things first, of course you get to drink and share the happy moments of gathering with your friends

Live St. Patrick's Irish parade dance performances

Live performances of stand up comedy from Prakash Daniel

Great pairings of food to go with pints of Guinness

More stand up comedy in Cantonese from Cheryl Lee

Did I mention the exclusive limited edition Guinness Popcorn with Bacon from Bacon-It? There are also exclusive prizes to be won including limited edition trinkets, neckerchiefs, mugs, flask cups and St Patrick's Guinness Glasses.

Limited edition trinkets !

Exciting games where you stand a chance to win exclusive limited edition prizes

Customize your pint of Guinness with the Stoutie machine to print your favourite pictures on your ping of Guinness!

My personalized pint with the stoutie machine

Oh yea, don't forget to grab a selfie with the Guinness mascot!

When and Where is the outlet and date closest to you? Check out for more information.


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