Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday, 12th Nov 08

Finally the week had come. Here are the results of this post:-

A) If I win the Nokia phone - They haven't bloody mail me yet. Is it a hoax?

B) If my PT assignment worked which leads to C) - I still hoped it worked but it did work most of the time so I just hope "SHE" doesn't test it so vigorously that it crash the program.

C) If I will pass my PT partially or fail completely - High hopes to pass

D) If I can manage to get the WDA and SADI assignment done - WDA : certain things incomplete. SADI :Near completion. Hope I can finish after spending the night here without going home.

E) If I will get the internship in AMD - Still no call from them. I guess I should call them back instead. Sigh.

To make things worse, I miss someone very much now.

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