Nokia Comes With Music X6 Launch Fail

I am sure many of you have read blogs, articles and maybe the newspapers on how successful the Nokia Comes With Music X6 launch event is. I know of a few who even blogged and showed videos of the event. No I am not here to give you the same type of posting like previously done. Like the old saying there's always 2 sides of a coin or there is always 2 sides with different view. So now you have heard about the other side, I am here to give you the different side. To me, the event was a failure. Want to know why? Read on.
First there is the advertisement all over the place saying they will sell 66 units of X6 at RM66 on a ballot basis which will be given out at 7 on that day. Next we know it on that day itself around 2.30 we get news and tweets saying the ballot numbers are given out. Click on picture to enlarge.

There are more when tweets gets forwarded. Look at how the peoples reacted.
Some of us rushed there. Yes including me. Guess what happened next?
Yes damage control mode.

It says "Some were MISTAKENLY given away by promoters, this was stopped early on & none else are to be given till 7pm.
Then more confusion as they said it will be given out at 6? It was like WTF? I call this damage control fail.
See how they react?
Look at the questions asked here. Ok that's it for screenshots. Now it's the picture's turn. They gave out the ballot at 2.30 and we all rushed there only to have the gates shut on us and greeted by the dry happy looking guard as if he is enjoying looking at us getting drenched. It's raining cats and dogs out there Hello!! You want proof? Here.
See the closed door?
The guard enjoying himself in his dry guardhouse while we all get drenched outside.
This is how my brother looks like. No I am not trying to show you how handsome he is. Look closer.
See the raindrops on his hair even under the umbrella?
See the amount of water on the hands?
There a closer look. I know, you will say this is little.
How bout this? the only dry spot is in the middle and we were all wet to the undies. You wanna know how bad it was or how wet it was?

I like their style actually. Raincoats..

You can't even take a good decent picture with the amount of rain.

Look at the shirt? All fking wet.
The door gets opened at 6++ and people rushed in stampeding and trampling on others on the way in. Want proof of the aftermath?

Look at the bloody amount of dirt washed out of a single shoe itself.
Even the White Nike shoe had to change its name to become "Blackie" shoe. So you wanna know how does it feel to have yourself all drenched? Wanna see how the soaked feet look like?
Not only that. We were all drenched in the rain that we all fall sick on that night itself. This explains why I never get to blog about this as I was too weak being stuck to the bed. That's not it. Not only did we got all wet, stampede on, we get in to find all the ballots to have been given out in the end. And come the time for the redemption you see people who are all dry and not messed up like those waiting in the rain with dozens of mint condition ballot number at the counter matching their number one by one with the list. I had got to know that one of them got 2 phones with all his numbers. Yes I didn't get a single ballot number while some got dozens. So can someone from Nokia explain to me how did this happen?

No don't give me the "oh very little of them were given out earlier, I assure you there are enough left" answer. I just want to know what the fuck happened when you see people with dozens of them remaining all dried while we were all fucking drenched. Did the organizers acted unfairly? I hope not but all the circumstances seems to point that way.

Oh yeah. Not only did I got all wet and pissed, I also got my phone dead in the bloody rain. Yes, it's a fucking Nokia to show that I have been supportive of Nokia and this is how Nokia treat us all. What a good publicity. My brother's phone died too. It's a Nokia too and he got so pissed up at the end of the day that he threw it to the floor and smashed it into a million piece.

In the end mine too died despite getting dried. So we are trampled on, got sick, got screwed by the organizers, got our phones dead and not getting a single ballot to even stand a chance to win a Nokia X6 at RM66. All thanks to Nokia.

Yeah before I forgot, I remember getting answered that the rain is not "our fault and it's an act of god or fated lo". Let me ask you this simple thing, is it my fault then? So you get robbed, do you blame it on your fate? Do you not have alternative plans when these shit happens? Yes! It's your mistake that makes us go there. so don't give me the "we never asked you to come early". If you guys have not given out the ballot early we wouldn't even be there.

The other answer given when I asked why can't they let us in is "oh the crowd is very wild and we are still preparing". Let me ask you these simple thing again. So how did those inside earlier got their ballots? Your reason for not allowing us in is that you are preparing yet there are people who got in early and got their ballots while we are left outside? Next is that the crowd is wild because you make us stand under the rain in front of the locked gate. If you were to let us in, the crowd would be less in number as there will be no accumulation of people at the gate. The organizers could have designated a place for those who came early while continue "PREPARING". No?

The safety of customers were blatantly ignored. What if the thunder striked one or a whole group of us down? As a worldwide multinational company, is this how the safety of people ignored? Is this how responsible Nokia is? Some said raincoats were supposed to be given out but even raincoats were not safe. What if someone get injured if a branch from the tree fell on them. We were exposed to unnecessary risk because of the negligence of the organizers. Where is the social responsibility? I think not only that we felt cheated by the organizers but we were also victimized in this case. Did you know that my brother got injured during the push havoc? So who do I go to regarding this?

I think the organizers should be glad that I dedicated this one whole post to them. I do hope someone from the management would give me good acceptable explanations and not like those standard answers I got from the twitter account. You can reach me at my email or my twitter @kellaw85
Look at how Jessica react during the concert? Now this is what we call positive feedback. Want more on this? Go to Victoria's blog HERE. I will update as I get more entries from peoples around

One of the bloggers commented this Blogger

"Jerine said...

LOL...poor thing. I actually went there at 9pm when it's all dried up. The thing is, you need contacts man! I got the RM66 ballot from sponsor, but didn't win the phone. I could have gotten it. If I did, I swear you're going to hate me.

February 5, 2010 3:10 AM"

Sad and proven that what I felt was correct after all. The way the organizers handled things unfairly. No I don't just complain about events. If events were done nicely, I would have written it the way it is, no more no less. If the event is bad I will just shoot the organizers. Like what some say I am a person who talks straight to your face. I don't turn around and kick your butt. So far still no official reply from the organizers.

Updates 8/2/2010:
Finally got an email from the communications manager last friday. Just too busy to update.All I get is a standard reply.

Hi there Kellaw,
The points you raised in your earlier tweets and your blog posts are definitely key learning points for us at Nokia to improve on for our future events. Thank you for your constructive feedback
Regards, Hazel

Not even an apology for what happened? Is this how group communications do nowadays?

Oh yeah, my friend who attended the event fainted for half an hour without any paramedics or first aider. This shows poor organizing and the safety of the event goer had been neglected to the max. Hello. Imagine your wife or baby is there and some shit happened and no one has the skills to help? Anyone wants to answer me on this? Then they give you something to shut your mouth? Apparently it didn't work well cos the news did spread to the whole group here.

Over the weekend I was labeled as "freeloader", "troll" and "no gratitude". One of those coming from someone in Nokia? Let's leave this to the next post shall we?

UPDATE 9/2/2010: To the anonymous who posted comments, if you don't have the balls to put your name down, don't expect your comments to be published. Save your keyboard the torture instead. I welcome criticism but not anonymity + criticism. You want to criticize me, You can do so with a name like Bryan did. I publish comments be it good or bad but not those who doesn't have the balls to post with a name.

UPDATE 11/2/2010: found 2 other damaging entry here
and here


Janessa said…
Ok I agree that really sucks? Use bigger umbrella or raincoat? Lol
Henry Lee said…
too bad bro... next time get a condom for ya phone ya...
Kellaw said…
jan - larger umbrella = larger target for the lightning to strike on

henry - i wish. too bad you were not there.
bryanlyt said…
as u said, no one can predict that the rain is coming. what can the organizers do? it's you guys who chose to be there early. the organizers have already stated in their poster (ballots will be given out at 7pm). about that twitter issue, how sure are you that it is true? they've clarified that no ballots were given earlier if you lookback at nokiamusicmy twitter.

though i somehow agree with you that the event management wasn't up on par, but did you stayed on during the performances? well dude, i would say that i enjoyed watching the acts lineup, even the DJ that benjicajess complained about. i certainly enjoyed DJ goldfish & nikki performance. i don't know what's the fuss about :)

and dude just to remind you, this event isn't mainly for the rm66 phone you know? some people were there mainly for Boys Like Girls and don't care about the phone. but people like you were there only for the RM66 phone, so it's no surprise that i see you rambling like this. greediness perhaps? :)

cheers mate! peace out! said…
fortunately i din attend cuz i know i will nt be the lucky one to grab it at rm66!
Kellaw said…
bryan i never say no one can predict the rain. the @nokiamusicmy twitter DID CONFIRM ballots were given out earlier. Look at the screenshots before commenting. So it's the organizers fault for distributing the ballots earlier at 2.30. The newspaper and posters says 7. Then they lock the door? Is this how a big company do things? If you want I have the screenshots of their manager's DM confirming ballots were indeed given out early at around 2-3.

I stayed for the performance but left as it was getting cold as we were all drenched in the rain earlier. We did fall sick after that. So can we blame the organizers for not letting the people in? Yes no one can predict the rain but why the double standards when some are allowed to enter and get the ballot papers while we are locked outside the gates?

Greediness? no ballot paper at all? If you dont know what is the fuss about then you have not read my whole post and just blatantly reply =)

yeah some were there for the concert. some were there for the phone. thats why you see single people carrying dozens of them right? while we who wait outside gets nothing? greediness or unfairness? you tell me. i ramble because of how the organizers did their job. do you not agree that the safety of those waiting outside the gate had been neglected? are we put into unnecessary risk? until you understand where my point of this post came from, i would advice you to read the whole thing first. thanks for visiting anyway
Kellaw said…
iyouwe - i think even if you can go early you might still end up without any ballot papers like me. maybe its a good thing you never attend. I regret going on that day actually.
Jerine said…
LOL...poor thing. I actually went there at 9pm when it's all dried up. The thing is, you need contacts man! I got the RM66 ballot from sponsor, but didn't win the phone. I could have gotten it. If I did, I swear you're going to hate me.
Kellaw said…
yeah jerine i am hating you now. 9pm and you still get ballots. see how unfair things are now? and you already said you could have gotten a phone if you wanted it. sad eh?
eG said…
somehow i wonder whether u would be complaining and making a hoo-haa over this whole issue if u had managed to get the phone in the first place lol
why did u wait in the rain the first place..when it rains just go back to your car la lol

anyway, blackberry is the way to go lol
jess said…
eh hello bryan. i NEVER complained abt the DJs okay? i even said they were 'awesome' n 'there's a party in here' if u didnt read my tweets properly. i mainly complained about the management -__- the only part i loved was the DJs
Kellaw said…
ooi - actually it makes no diff. i will still shoot the organizers for the bad planning. maybe just less about the manner the ballot papers were given out. the prob is i didnt even drive there. no car how to get back?

jess - he never read before he replied la.
eG said…
Well too bad for u and the other hundred people who didnt get the 66 bucks for the Nokia X6

Just gotta learn how to deal with life ;)
Kellaw said…
ooi - well we are dealing with it. at least i am in this case. i am just writing this to point out the mistakes and shortcomings of the event organizer and demand for a proper explanation.
Janessa said…
I kinda realise since I'm jumping into the events industry and if you're ever going to attend any event I help organise, I'll be very scared of you.

Kellaw said…
jan - need to say till so mea? you could "consult" me ma. then i give you good suggestions which you can work on to improve things. not just do things and make your clients sad right? hahahaha
Janessa said…
lol! Alright I'll be consulting you. maybe you should join the industry
Kellaw said…
jan - as risk assessor or risk management? you have company who wants to hire me? hahaha
MikanXan said…
well, it's true about 2 sides of the story. hehe. I mean, definitely if I was in your shoes, I will be pissed off myself. I mean who wouldn't?! And yes life is sometimes unfair... I don't know much of the organizers and who the Event company hired to organize the ballots. I just know all are outsourced event company and some are named on my blog too. But the extra ppl hired for this event that has no connections whatsoever with Nokia AND that I am aware of, was disturbing our work and also made several mistakes to be blamed.

Oh, the ballots... Im not sure about anything of that. I do know that at 7pm or so when the doors open, the crowd was stubbornly pushing forward and the "so called" event+security ppl at the freaking door gave up and just threw bunches of ballots to the crowd, that's why you see people grabbing more than 1 ballot and several more laying around the floor.

Yes, you are not the only one. We were pissed off with several event people there for lack of conscience. Sad thing is, if they were really hired as part timers then that's the end of story >.<.... I won't say much about "the" event management because it's a super long story of 3 years experience since.

I'm on nobody's side, just sharing my point of view =D
I'm still with Nokia, nevertheless... Like I said... 3 yrs story.... But it's good to know your side of the story too. Great post! hehe..
JadyCloud said…
If I were you, I'll write to their customer seivice department and ask for compensation at least your phone then threaten to write to the HQ in which ever country if they do not do so. It happened to me with LG company before when they sell defect items to me and claims that it was none of their business. I then wrote a letter to the Malaysia department and CC. it to Korea department.
Kellaw said…
Mikan - i like ur point of view.

jady - i did send the link of this post to one of their managers. all i get is a standard reply -> "Hi there Kellaw, The points you raised in your earlier tweets and your blog posts are definitely key learning points for us at Nokia to improve on for our future events. Thank you for your constructive feedback."
JadyCloud said…

Should stop using Nokia in the future!
Janessa said…
After reading the update, yes I agree that its the worse event ever.

1st of all, Events is all about selling an experience to a group of audience which leads to alot of things like,

As a rule of thumb in marketing, if its an awesome event, every person who was there will tell 30 other people and vice-versa. Big mistake Nokia to give such a lousy reply and no proper explaination. Ever heard of Damage Control??

or that you never ever compromise the safety of the the participants. Nokia can be sued for negligence for breach of duty of care in civil law in not providing reasonable safety concerns such as a first aid booth. Tsk tsk, no first aid booth?? The liability is all Nokia's then. Don't they know that event's is very very dangerous venture cos you can get sued for practically anything??

Heh. I wonder if the planners should go through a course for events? It could save them all this headache. @ Kellaw, new media tools are powerful use facebook to highlight this and you'll have Nokia apologising at your doorstep.
MikanXan said…
=D... identity is important for me... No choice when I'm "in" it but who on earth will call u those

>> "freeloader", "troll" and "no gratitude". One of those coming from someone in Nokia? <<

That's a load full of crap... >.<! I mean, nothing is perfect in this world and its a free world, we have our freedom to speak out our thoughts, that's the whole point of blogging! Just ignore the crap outta them.

As for the reply... totally... "no comments"... Kinda expected something like that from "them"... lolx...
Patrick said…
Yes, perhaps the organizers could have done a better job, especially where the vouchers were concerned, but I think you've gone a little overboard in criticizing Nokia.

In fact, you come off as a little more than a whinger, from what? Waiting for a concert to open while it just happens to rain? Getting a little bit of dirt on your shoes, getting caught in the opening stampede and maybe copping a bruise or two (I'm assuming)? And lastly your brother smashing his Nokia phone on the floor? That just smacks of a whiny child who's not getting what he wants.

I'm not sure what kind of sympathy you're trying to garner, and I don't see why you're pushing the blame solely on what appears to be no one's fault in particular (largely due to weather). Again, the event organizers could have done a smoother job. Yes, they were at fault for some things, but to mound the whole day's frustrations on them?

Gee, chaos at a concert, who'da thought? Injured from a falling tree branch or lightning happening to make its way there? Don't make me laugh.
eG said…
Patrick,u just spoke my mind,thanks for bringing that out,couldn't find a better way of saying
Kellaw said…
patrick - at times assumptions could really be wrong you know? overboard? i doubt so. we are talking about safety here where someone fainted for half an hour without any medical care. say you were the one fainting. how do you feel?

waiting for the concert to open while it rains? evidently you never did read the post properly. it was opened earlier by mistakes of the organizers. that is what caused the several dozens of people rushing there at 3. dirt on shoe and a little bruise eh? would you pay for my bro's medical bills if i were to show you what happened to his toes where his toe nail died and they had to drill a hole to let the water flow out?

would you not be pissed when ur phone died under the rain and you were stuck there due to the mistakes done by the organizer? smashing his phone there i would say is justified. people get fed up you know?

I am not even trying to garner sympathy and you do sound like the anonymous who posted the comments before this. just that this time, you put your name instead. no links whatsoever. no one's fault you say. now say i made an open house and you were invited. you came. i close the doors on you while its raining like cats and dog. you blame the weather do you? i think if there's a god, he would be real pissed at you now. hahaha

read the other posts i linked. see what others say. if only you know how heavily it rained the other day, you would know that a falling branch is nothing. there were previous report where there we a group of students who got striked by lightning on their way to shelter after a basketball session. maybe you should read that up. and from the thunder on that day, it's possible. go ahead if you want to laugh. it's because of people like you who doesn't care about others safety that we have the same kind of attitude in the organizers. enough said. I don't want this to turn into a personal assault.

what i am doing here is letting others know what happened and how i felt and also let the company know where and what went wrong. apparently i talked to the wrong group of blind, deaf and ignorant management who doesn't even know what apology means.
Samuel C said…
totally agree man! i think u kena worse than me
Patrick said…
Well if you were to open your house, and then close the door on me, I'd go home.

PS. I don't see why you have to attack me based on the fact that I'm not putting up a link. Maybe it's because I don't have a blog, or need one. But if you want a link, here you go.
Kellaw said…
lol not attacking lol. just that too many anon comments lately. some are not healthy to be read. well you would still get pissed rite?
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