Sunday, March 30, 2014

Day Out at Gurney Paragon

What do you do on a hot sunny weekends? You can stay home but somehow your electricity bill is just going to go up from the air cond that is constantly on. So I did what most Malaysians would do.. Go to the nearest mall.. Newly opened not long ago was this new mall in Penang called the Gurney Paragon. Actually I was there with a mission. Food hunt to try all the new food around Penang has been one of my weekend activities.

I don't know about you buy many would say that food court food are substandard. Well I thought that too but was proven wrong in this instance.

Yes I went to their food court called Just Food. At first glance they look like the Singaporean Mall food court. The food court is currently pork free and they are looking at expanding to a full Halal section.

Another thing to note is that the price you see is the price you pay. No taxes, Fully air conditioned and spacious.

The first place I visit. The drink stall.. Nothing taste better than a cup of fruit juice after a hot walk under the sun.

Carrot with milk only RM4

First thing is that I have been longing for a bowl of Pan Mee. Not too bad for the price of RM7.9 as it includes an egg with generous amounts of meat and mushrooms.

Next up I went for the food that Penang is most famous for.. Char Kuey Teow from Asian Kitchen. Not to spicy, big prawns.. Just nice for the tummy.

I was walking around and this stall captured my attention. Ain't that kebab? In a food court? No it's actually chicken Sharmerwa. You know the food they eat in the avengers after taking down the whole city at the end? The stall name is Mr. Sharmerwa.

A must try if you visit. Smoky hot Chicken Sharmerwa with Rice at RM13.9. Dip the hot chicken in the Mayo and taste heaven itself.

I was introduced to this new food called Muhammara served with warm pita bread at RM6.9

It's actually a hot pepper dip originating from Syria. It's not exactly spicy but more tomato taste which is one of a kind served with olives. Some may or may not like it but go ahead and try it out.

What kind of stall name themselves tie me up? Oops I mean Thai me up. A Thai food restaurant of course. At this point I was looking for something a little sourish to give my taste buds a kick.

Tomyum Maggi at RM6.5 which frankly speaking is the best maggi I ever had. Springy maggi noodles with thick tomyum sauce "kaw" enough to make you go back for more.

At this point I was already looking for desserts/light snacks. The famous I LOVE YOO..

Set C at RM6.9 with a bowl of Yau Jar Guai, Soya bean and Sesame Oil porridge.. Good enough to make even the sick drool. You can add the Yau Jar Guai in either and it would taste as good.

I found something from Penang Road here... Surprise surprise!! The famous Teowchew Chendul

Chendul at RM3.9 a little more expensive than Penang Road but much bigger. They say one bowl was never enough but her you gotta look at the bowl

Along with it is the Popiah served with Laksa Soup at RM

At this juncture, I was just real full and needed a good walk in the mall. Found this shirt store with a big red 50% sign which attracts me.. Time to get some shirts for work from the Royal County of Berkshire Polo Club.

They have a wide range ranging from collar t shirts to round collars. I find the price reasonable too

The my favourite shop. Watches!!! Believe it or not, I found a shot that sells only Casio watches.. Baby Gs and G Shocks...

Doraemon edition

G Shocks.. Someone I know would literally drool over these..

Bluetooth.. The first generation of Samsung Gear I guess.. But the plus point of this? It supports all brands.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tea Break @ G Lounge

It's tea time and you felt your stomach growling. You suddenly have this cravings for something sweet, something soft on the stomach before dinner. What do you do? Go to G Hotel's G Lounge for a piece of cake of course..

The newly furbished G Lounge is comfortable at their Lounge area. Not too public and just nice for a relaxed evening. Open from 10AM to 9PM with 50% discount on cakes for takeaway only after 8PM. You also get a cup of coffee or tea free with any cakes purchased.

One thing about the ingredients used is that the Fair Trade chocolate was of Noble grade cacao beans imported from Switzerland. Eaten on its own really did leave a rich taste in the mouth. This are the same chocolates used in their cakes and desserts.

The orange cheese cake is definitely one of the must try if you visit. Rich in natural orange taste with a touch of cheese.

Chocolate Praline Passion Fruit Pastry

Lemon Lychee Mousse Tart

The chef's recommendation, Maracaibo Chocolate Mousse with Croquantine

Another of my favorites, the Macadamia Brownie with Hazelnut Mousse

Chill Morello Cheese Cake

Strawberry Crunchy Caramel Tart. Just looking makes you wanna have a bite right?

Yes, I saved the best for the last. The Chocolate Mille Feuille is a must have for all chocolate lovers and I can tell you I am already addicted to it just after my first bite.

All their cakes are priced at RM12++ for a slice with a cup of free coffee/tea before 8PM and 50% off cakes after 8PM for takeaways only.

Other than cakes, they also serve quick bites.

Tempura Prawn with Wasabi Mayo Dip RM30++

Curry Potato Samosa served with cucumber and mint raita. RM18++

Nyonya Style Spring Rolls. RM16++. This gem is more than it looks, stuffed with crab meat, is one of the best eaten while it's still warm.

Spicy Chicken wrapped in tortilla bread. RM16++ If you think KFC chicken is good, wait till you try this.

Vegetable Quesadilla RM24

Deep Fried Calamari. RM18++

This is another of my favorites. Indian Spiced Battered Fish Fingers served with spicy Bombay sauce. RM18++

They also have this board where you could scribble your hopes and prayers for MH370

So what are you waiting for now? Head on down to G Lounge for a quick bite.
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