A Filling Penang Breakfast @ Transfer Road

It's early in the morning and you could sleep no more. The bed is literally kicking you off. You feel your stomach growling and you know it's time for breakfast/brunch. So where do you go?

What seems like a normal mamak stall have one of the best roti canai hidden in the morning hours in Penang.
You want to know how good they are? They need 3 frying pans just for their tasty roti canais. Ain't that a good enough message that screams "Try me"
I just ordered my Chicken Curry Roti Telur as usual
Yes that's a whole L big drumstick. The total cost for one of the set is RM7.6
Just next to it was the Roti Bakar Telur(Egg toasts) which is still toasted using Charcoal
Traditionally toasted fresh bread
Top that with 2 half boiled eggs... Seriously Heaven... RM3/set
Did I mention they have a unique seating arrangements? You could just sit on one side and look at the busy traffic..


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