Possibility of how MH370 went missing over the Indie Ocean

This Post was meant for my theory on the possibilities of the whereabouts and note that it’s just one of my theories. If you are a family member looking for the truth, you might have been in the wrong place… I am doing this because I love puzzles and solving difficult problems but my answer could have been plucked out from thousands of other possibilities and I do not have any means of verifying if I am correct till the truth surfaces.

UPDATE: 3/20/2014 - The speed(471kt) used to plot the flight path was the last used speed before the plane goes missing near IGARI. The speed could be increased on the turn and left no gaps following through all the way-points and still arrive at it's last military radar detection point at precisely the same time. On exit of radar, the plane has plenty of time to catch up on speed with SIA68 with its usual cruising speed at 490kt and Max Speed 510kt @ FL350/35k ft.

Some “ASSUMPTIONS” here:-
  • The Plane did not crash and continued flying towards VAMPI, GIVAL and IGREX as detected by military radar
  • The Transponder (1721Z) and ACARS (1707-1737Z) was shut down deliberately to avoid detection after last communication over radio at 1719Z and mind you it’s hard to shut both off and even if you know the location where the ACARS located, you will still need to go through great length to reach it and NO, that bloody circuit breaking instruction is not on the manual.
  • The plane dropped to 5k ft. to avoid radar detection during the turnaround on no man’s land(or sky in this case) as they are between 2 airspace sector (Msia and Viet)

  • Using the same speed of 471kt, 1721Z near IGARI (0633.09, 10320.66) +34mins to direction of VAMPI (going off at route Y337 to GIVAL), +9mins to GIVAL and +34mins to IGREX makes it 1838Z. Last detected 1815Z which makes it 11 minutes into  IGREX at around 0751.84,9651.69 heading to the North West direction
  • India says the plane could not have flown over its airspace—which casts doubts on the theory that it went toward the north corridor between Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan
  • I have a theory on how it went into India without getting detected
  • Take a guess what is around the same location at around the same time on the path to IGREX?
  • Yes.. Another plane.. SQ68/SIA68 with call sign 9V-SWS heading in the same direction 
  • The person flying the plane is able to fly “Stealth” without getting detected by other planes with the shutting off of its Transponder/ ADS-B Out
  • Using the TCAS, the plane would be able to easily piggyback on the shadows of SIA68 and show up as a single blip on India’s radar with SIA68’s transponder code and fly through the heavily monitored area
  • 6 pings were received by Inmarsat over SATCOM with the last at 0011Z at the Global Beam of 64E
  • Now go plot 7-7.5 hours of flight path following SIA68 through the “heavily radar-ed” areas, drill down to Global Beam 64E, you would get somewhere North of India before Kazakhstan on the ARC.
  • This is only my “plucking guesses out from the butt” guess here. Only time will show if my guess is right.
Pics, Maps sources - SkyVector, FlightRadar24


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