Thursday, April 10, 2014

Passions Of Kerala New World Park

Hungry and thinking of where to eat with budget? How about unlimited refills of tomato rice with condiments(vegetables) at only 6.50/set served on a banana leaf? Hidden in New World Park itself is this little restaurant called Passions of Kerala.

They are open from 12-3PM and 6.30-11PM daily.

Tomato rice banana leaf set. Rice and vegetables on the banana leaf is with unlimited refills. The first basket of Papadom is included but refills would be charged.

The rice is served with chicken curry, fish curry and also dhal in small bowls.

Deep fried pomfret. Fresh and piping hot makes it a must try.

The other must try is the Mc Nair Fried chicken, fried to saffron brown and tasty too.

My personal favourite the Masala Mutton. Best take with the rice.

All in all the dishes costs from 5-6 for a single serving and relatively the environment is like a fine dining restaurant but with the price of your normal Mamak stall. Definitely recommended for more visits.

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