Sorry for the hiatus guys

I never thought I would be away for such a long time. I am still busy as of this moment. Bloody 3 assignments with heavy weighting to be handed up end of next week. Ya. Ya. I do get extra marks as the group leader(or not!) but I have to work my ass out on them. I celebrated my birthday with my books at night. No wonder my old friends said I am married to my books(maybe my laptop now) cause I spend more time on them.

The Pangkor trip was terrible. Penang trip was tiring. Apparently I am still having PTSD to deal with. Need more sleep and rest before my brains burn out. Things went quiet after I quit replying to comments on the other end and all these while I only thought you get "fan sites" when you are famous. It's ok. As of late a lot of things had happened. I lost the basketball match playing with "limited resources"(copyrighted term from someone) but at the end I get closer with those guys and several guys from the other teams. Ran into a blog which reminds me of something in the past. Apparently someone created a hate site for Kenny Sia which alleged(till proven guilty) that he had an extra relationship affair(as opposed to extra marital affair).

Shit happens. Look at Bill Clinton, Bechkam and our own Datuk Seri Chua. The moral of the story and what Fred taught the junior scouts. If you get caught, face the consequences. We humans would always make mistakes but what differentiate us with those in the prisons is that they get caught and we didn't. My advice. Admit if you have done it and face the consequences no matter how hard it is. In the end you would be the one who is able to sleep soundly at night. Or just keep quiet. I learned this from experience. No matter how you defend yourself, there will always be people around who will go against you. We can't stop them from talking. Keeping quiet will do the job.

I cease to explain things because for me, it's if you wanted to trust me, you would already have and not doubt. I just let them say what they want. It would cause them the red faces when they find out that things are untrue but there will always be some who will stand by their guns even when they know they are wrong. So why bother about what others say? Charlie told me before that it doesn't matter what others say but what matters is how you look at your own self. Once you show who you really are, people will know. Just give things some time. I got a call from AMD today. They going to call me for an interview next Friday(reads die... cause I still have assignments to handle but yeah another internship). I hope I could make it there so guys wish me luck ok?

Anyway thanks guys for the birthday wishes. I wished I could celebrate with you guys there but I can't be travelling to all those places you guys are on duty at. It's an impossible feat to be around the world in 47 hours and 59 minutes(24 hours + 23 hours 59 minutes for earth rotation - google and read about earth rotation). My wish? It already came through but I still have another wish(yes I am greedy). The other wish is that you guys would be safe and sound throughout your duties outside.

A lot of people doesn't know how lucky they are not having bullets flying right in front of their faces, not having clean water to drink or even having mud biscuits for breakfast lunch and dinner. Just drop me a mail if you guys need some supplies. I would see what I could do to get them to you guys. Jones had passed the critical stage and insists be back on duty in about a week. Nothing much but he was advised to go home. If any of you guys have his home contact, call up his wife and make sure she get some sense into his head(just not to the stage where she ask for a divorce please else he would "love" me)

I will try update this blog more often when I am free(reads I am never gonna be free with all these assignments and finals coming up). Wishing everyone happy Halloween tonight. I guess I will just stay home and scare the shit out of my books. LOL!



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