Funny: A good way to get present from santa this year

With the coming Christmas nearing, everyone wants a present. No matter if you have been a bad boy or a good one, you still hope for a present right? Yeah I know at times bribes doesn't work and some waited for years here. No frowns for this Christmas as you are getting all the presents.

Here is what you need:-
- A pair of socks
- A rubber shoes

- A hair dryer

- Yourself of course
- Time(You have about less than a month now which is more than enough)

- And lastly Santa himself of course

Here is what you do:-
Wear the socks. Then wear the shoes. Go for a jog say about 20 minutes. Dry the socks after your jog using the hair dryer(yes don't wash it). Repeat process everyday till Christmas. And now the final step, hang the socks for your present. You will see father Christmas on the floor when you wake up with the bag of presents all for you.

Note: I am not gonna be responsible in the event of the death of Santa on Christmas ok? Neither will I be held responsible for anything you guys do after reading this! Darn I think I am not gonna get any presents this year for this. Hahaha


kitkat said…
haha...that is funny
j_yenn said…
i don't want the year to end so soon. my vacation is ending soon :(

Kellaw said…
kitkat welcome to my blog. you remind me of chocs. lolz

j_yenn - me no vacation ok? tomorrow still have to work. sad huh?
Jessen said…
I hope Santa is not reading this blog else he'll avoid what we intended to do. :p Anyway I hope I can get a Nokia N900 for my Christmas present, Santa! :p
Kellaw said…
Jessen - dont worry he wouldnt know which house not to go. I plan to hijack his whole pack. everything also have. hahaha
jayced2005 said…
You shall be guilty for killing Santa Claus.. lol..
Kellaw said…
i am always your santa liao. what you want for this year?

jayced - he wun die la. just faint only
Yvonne, Von said…
you are always my santa a? ok.. emmm..
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