Hannah Tan charity concert with something "indecent"

Yes I know this is 1 week late but with my sucky connection, I am glad I could finally post this up. Yes count the lack of a DSLR in too. I never bothered to edit my pics as they are too hard to edit now. Right now I will let the pictures do the talking. and yes the best thing is somewhere in between if you are looking for "it". Slowly find la you guys. hahaha.

See the red pass over there? It's what got me stuck in the front doors for half an hour. Just because someone forgot to put my name on the list...-___-"

Yes in the end i got it and I am in with the media pass(so called vip lo)

See the amount of people? Scared yet?

Outside the hall. Still a lot of people there

The kids which this concert was held for

A video to start the concert

The opening host Pietro Felix and..apa nama... damm I forgotten. So screw streamyx. Remind me if you remember ya?

Shawn Lee beat box performance. No need drums. Just a mike will do. He has the portable drum in his throat.

See how many people? The front rows are for vips and performing artists. Ermmm bloggers also in front le. hahaha

Opening singer. Dunno who also but he sings damm well ok?

Beat box with dancers

Finally Hannah Tan came out

Hannah again..."I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!"

I took this pic because of the video showing at the back screen. That's the children we are giving all our gifts to.

Hannah Tan continues to sing till sore throat.

Close up shot. That's the nearest I could go. Any closer I will need to be on the stage. Then not good la if she ask me to sing right?

Hannah Tan and the Japanese Ambassador

Oh yes. He can sing too. Damm well if you asked me. In malay some more.

Hannah back with the mic.

Another close up

This is ermmm... I can't remember again. Sigh....

Liang singing

Liang, David and Pietro. It's a fork damm it. Not a spoon Pietro...

Jojo Struys. Hey sorry for the dark pic. I wanted to take more. You moved too fast. Mine lousy cam ma. I promise next time I see you sure I will take one with you ok?

Atilia... and guess what? She had been sitting right behind me all the time and I didn't notice it.. Talk about blurr.

So the close up. Hahaha.

Innuendo or is it Innuen-duo. hahaha

Here we have the Malaysian Vanessa Mae Malaysian version ok?

Another one. See la they so into the playing their instrument.

Vanessa Mae and Kenny G Malaysian version. Kenny G too busy to be in Malaysia. hahaha.

Daphne Iking who came with her cute little daughter. Too bad I never take any pic. My bad camera phone no more battery cause I didn't charge over the night.

And now what some are waiting for. The grand finale. look at the screen. See something familiar? No! It's not what you think it is. It's our Malaysian Kenny G's head la. Don't be dirty minded ok?


iyouweblog.com said…
visit ur site again after 1 month break from blogging xD!!!
nanged u. Want to know more about the responsibility of a blogger? nang this
j_yenn said…
wow. VIP. like kenny sia, eh?
Kellaw said…
sheng - nanged
aidi - thanks
j_yenn - where got? that fella old man. near retire liao. not like me small fry. hahaha
EVo said…
kenny sia happily managing his new gym la..no time for small events like this..ahaha..
Unknown said…
Thank you so much for your kind words and for joining us for the event! Wouldn't have been the same without you. *smile* xxx
Kellaw said…
EVo - yalo he big busy people ma. hahaha

hannah - thanks for inviting. remember to invite for future events ok?
Unknown said…
Definitely and EV, true true... haha.
Kellaw said…
nvm la got we support you enough already. i didn't get invitation to the press conference but luckily leonard remembered me from project 500. but still stuck outside for a while. hahaha. anyway its been a pleasure attending the concert. me and my gf did really enjoyed
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