Random Pictures(with comments)

Turtle picture lo. See all the small turtles on top of the big turtle. See his facial expression la. The second one also like very charm like that. Happen in big companies right? The smallest one kena buli one.

Naughty puppy in action. Dunno he looking what also.

Cute bo? Wanna use his picture need to give me royalty one. Hey the dog feed also expensive le.

Another one. Remember give me royalty when you copy ok? I know who you are.

Another cute one

Sleepy dog. Notice 1 eye is always open?

Should name him sneaky dog liao

Apa pandang? Give me food la.

Wei ah. Hungry liao. I want food

Sunrise at my working place.

Proven I am always early to work.

The color is calming

Actually it's quite cooling when you are at the balcony

What time better than having coffee in front of this scenery?

And bread too. This had been my lunch for the past week. See la. Pokai liao due to recession

My unbroken high score? Want to challenge? Go Midvalley Jusco after work.

My Christmas present. 2 candy cane and a designers cupcake.

How kids actually managed to bully me

I am serious. They all pakat take all balls and 4 fella throwing it in one after another. The best thing is they are all standing on the machine.

Turtle at work. I am thinking of Guai Lian Gao when I saw him. Too bad la. I don't have pot at my office. Hahaha. Else he will be the victim.

Monarch butterfly. Seen them several times but 1st time on my finger and it' s also my first time looking at them breaking out of their coccoon.

Sunrise by the lake. (at my workplace)

Calming eh?

Where to find this kind of places?


Myhorng said…
awesome work place u got there. nice
Kellaw said…
Myhorng wanna switch?
Tekkaus said…
Where is that? Looks beautiful! A zoo? LOL =)
Myhorng said…
i just got my 2nd times pay cut, i dun mind to switch.
Kellaw said…
Tekkaus, No la. It's next to mines. I don't want to end up like the Malaysian turn lunch by the tiger in Singaporean zoo.

Myhorng, if you know how much I am being paid now, you would have cried. I am not joking when I say I am having bread for the past week. They haven't bloody pay me yet till today.
Ju Ann said…
the doggy is CUTE!!!
curryegg said…
Thank for dropping by my blog. Wish you a happy new year.
May you have a great year.
Kellaw said…
Ju Ann - Cute but don't go my house dognap ok? lol

Kai Lee - Thought you will just forget about me and not reply me at all lol.
Anonymous said…
=( If i got money to buy landed property house, I'll definitely keep a puppy. *sob* My place cannot keep dogs, not allowed. (dun ask me keep other pets... for me, pets must also know how to scare thief from my place!)

ps: You know, my husband also almost like you... some clients really make us damn tulan...payment delay til upset our budget! KANASAI...try cook rice and eggs la... eat bread only, where can full?
Kellaw said…
Try hamster la. Can scare thieves away. Or cockroach also no prob. Name him siu keong can liao. hahaha. See I so good find name for your pet sumore. This kind of friend where to get?

Mine I am not boss ma. so no delay in budget. but the malay gal still on leave. no money how to buy rice and eggs? roti and pipe water enough la. better than drink lake water and eat grass ma. hahahaha
Bok said…
I knew it was the Mines. I used to stay at Serdang facing directly opposite the lake. U at Sapura building?
Kellaw said…
Lol. Darn. My location had been detected liao.

...Proceeds to silently shift working place again. Wuahahaha....
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