Langkawi Trip Review

This trip happened 2 weekends ago.. Yeah I know I am always late for posting up. Why? Scroll down and you will see the huge load of pictures I had to choose and watermark. With my potatochop photoshop down, I am relying on ms paint... Yea the slowness and the un-user friendly but that's what I got. Things are going real hectic with no light at the end of the tunnel for me. Rushing here and there. Even on weekends. And this trip? Another review 1 day trip but this was done at the very last minute notice. Yes, I was only told about half an hour before the trip... So I rushed all the way running to the jetty to just board the ferry in time. A minute later, I will have to swim to Langkawi... Sound like amazing race now doesn't it?

For all the rush, you can see my buddy Chee Wah(front row) sleeping already while Sam(second row) still looking around..
You are tagged with a sticker so that they could recognize you for the trip.
Finally arrival at Langkawi Jetty
Eagle Square, the symbol of Langkawi
Embarking out of the jetty area
Jep, our tour guide explaining the trip to us.
Jetty point. Somehow they made it to look like KL Sentral with KFC and Starbucks
First stop. Lunch at thr Royal Yatch Club, Charlie's Place with sea view.
Bloggers will always be bloggers. Snapping away...
Table prepared for us. We were dead hungry with me not having my breakfast prior to the 3 hours ferry ride to Langkawi from Penang.
While waiting for our food to be prepared, we were enjoying the view around the area.

Finally our starter, tomato soup. It tasted real good.... Must be partially due to the hungry stomach speaking here but seriously it tasted good.
How about enjoying a glass of fruit punch while looking at the sea view?
Or served with a glass of fresh orange juice?
The main course of the day, Chicken and beef burger.
And nope, that's not it. We have fish and chips
Nasi Goreng with satay
Club Sandwich
Scrumptious meal and makes you salivate right?
Then comes dessert. Ice cream..
Then we rushed off to the Langkawi Cable car which is located inside the oriental village
The map of the village
You can get your hands on some handicraft items here too.
There are tons of shops around but do look at those funny T-shirts. I am not gonna post pictures of them here and let you explore yourselves.
There were motored vehicles to keep the lazy ones going too... Oops I mean those "adventurous" ones.
Or you can always op for the water activities but I doubt time will permit you as you would be rushed from place to place. Maybe enjoying the scenery and taking pictures and some fast shopping.
Yup, you get to play with ducks too.
The view of the cable car which due to the enormous queue, we skipped this in favor of Langkawi Underwater World. Not that I am complaining anyway.
So we spend some time feeding the fishes and ducks
Yup, you can see the fishes under the water.
Next up is the mangrove tour.
Part of the Langkawi Geopark, this is the place where most of our trip takes place.
The map of the area. Nope, not gonna show you the pricing. You have gotta explore yourselves here again. But I can tell you, it's worth the money you are paying.
The boats we were going be ferried around for the tour.
Monkey hill...err I mean rock... They were always there.
The mangrove swamp.
The gang on the boat trip
First stop, fish farm
Play with the stingray and watch some archer fish squirting water for their food.
Lazy fish. You practically have to spoonfeed this fish.. Sound like Malaysian students right?
Next stop eagle feeding and watching.

Final stop, the bat cave. Don't expect to see batman or his bat mobile here. One word of advice is bring your torchlight and wear rubber shoes as it's real dark and slippery in here.
The map of the cave. No they are walkways, not driveways for the batmobile.
Entering the gates of hell... oops I mean bat cave
The bats. No flash is allowed in here. Else there will be no more bats around when they leave.
Next Rushing stop, Underwater World Langkawi. The penguin signboard is here to greet us.
You basically have an indoor sheltered park with birds
Seal show
Main attraction, pingu!!!
Live aquariums with urchins
Various fishes...
More fishes

Exhibition hall on the various shells
err... more fishes?
Now I know where the Boeing JFS program get their plane design from. Look at the yellow fish
Finally after a while day of rush you RUSH back to the jetty and get a first class seat on the ferry. This is the captains deck here.
The sunset ferry ride back to Penang.

-Good training for The Amazing Race. Gets you the feeling of being in the participants shoes for a day.
-Good and scrumptious food for lunch.
-Visit most of the Langkawi Island in a matter of few hours.
-Good for those busy folks planning a headrush getaway from city life
-Good trip if you are surveying the island for a longer trip.

-You are rushed through the trip and could easily get left behind as you are covering most of Langkawi in a matter of few hours time.
-No beach trip if you are planning to see the clear waters of Pantai Cenang.
-Not recommended for those elderly ones who have trouble walking fast.

and oh did I mention, I came back to Langkawi a week later just to get more of the trip? We'll have to just leave that for another post.. I am darn behind posts...

This trip had been courtesy of
Langkawi Saga Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd
16, Jalan Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
Tel : 604-899 8822

Do contact them for more info on the packages available.


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