Life through my camera lense

Ever since I tendered my resignation, life had been more relaxing. Things had changed from a busy me to a more relaxed me. The first step was always the hardest to take but I am glad I did what I should. The past few days have been real good that I had finally went to several places in Penang that I had been dying to explore since I set foot in Penang. I can tell you that there are no regrets for waking up early just for this.


I love the feeling of serenity in this and the next few pictures..

One taken in the fishing village...

Dawn with the Penang bridge as background

This picture you need to click and enlarge.. Actually the focus was on the boatman rowing his boat

Taken at a different variation

The last of the dawn series

Near the jetty area early in the morning

On a calm Saturday morning..

Same place

Found this doll on the roadside with one missing teeth... Never picked him up. This is how life is. At times you just don't get a hand to pull you up.

This is another picture. Taken at chew jetty.. I like the feeling of this picture where the old man is looking at the sea as if waiting for someone to return

Same place

Chew jetty with editing to give it the classical look

Got poisoned by my photographer friends on a fish eye lens...


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