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If there is one place I would hang out and be stuck in the "olden days", it would be this cafe. It's name is unique in a sense that behind 50 doesn't mean that it's really pre 1950s but it is named so because it was the shops address which was behind lot No.50 which was split into front 50 and behind 50. about A few minutes walk from the front door of Cititel Penang where you just walk straight along the road facing the front door. Located in the intersection of love lane, stewart lane and muntri street. GPS Coordinate 5.419693,100.336745. Here's a look of the interior. Yes there are 50 pictures hanging on the wall..
The Penang Heritage Food Trail Banner!!!
So, why did I say stuck in the olden days? Typical Chinese would understand why. Look at the cupboard below. I used to see one of these in the olden days when my grandmother was still alive. This kind of cupboard was the source of food(freshly cooked or leftovers) whenever I was hungry as a young hyperactive boy. I was literally stuck and bombarded with the memories of the past here.
They toys and items all reminded me of the good olden days which makes this place a good hangout place for me if I ever wanted to dwell in the past. Not a bad thing as I think most of the old stuff had been dumped when I shifted my house.
What makes it better is that they are serving food so I could continue my dwelling in the past till night.
Ice cream coffee.. One of their signature must try. Not sweet at all and refreshing on a hot sunny day.
Pizza Time. Fresh and hot from the oven..
This smoked salmon salad is another must try for those on a diet.
Toast with salsa... The new way of eating your toasts..
Spagetti with asparagus and a whole range of pastas to choose from.

Mustroom soup with garlic toast
Almond fish with crispy almond slices which is a taste to remember
Cheesy chicken chop with penne pasta as sideline..

Environment: 4.5/5  (Definitely brings back memories from the pasts but caters only for small groups - place is quite small)
Service: 4/5 (The cafe is opened by the owners, and you are served by the owners themselves so expect good services here.)
Taste: 3.5/5 (The taste is ok but add in the environment it's a perfect place to be)
Consistency: ??? (First visit there. Will update when I return to this outlet again)
Price: 2.5/5 (A little on the expensive side, depending on what you have ordered too but I would definitely return for the memories)
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