Lighthouse Coffee review

Ask anyone around what is the first name that comes into mind when you ask them about coffee.. Most would say Starbucks but after I visited this cafe, I found my true passion in coffee and learned things I never did know in the first place visiting Starbucks since my secondary school days.. And yes that is very long ago and I am old I know that. Do you know that coffee brewed at the right temperature and right way is sweet on it's own? Did you even know that there are specific amounts to follow to a certain temperature and duration makes all the difference in the coffee you sip? Heck, even they way you drink makes a difference... Even the way you roast the beans makes it different... This is what I have learned on my visit here.. The owner gave us an impromptu coffee appreciation class...
Located at the hidden corner around Bishop Street intersecting with Beach street and part of the Logan Heritage Building... I was actually given the chance to get to know coffee better as part of being a participant in the Penang Heritage Food Trail event.
What is Lighthouse coffee without Lighthouses right?
The menu is all on the board for easy ordering..
Real roasted beans on hand. You could basically smell the aroma of roasted coffee by standing just outside the cafe..
Introduction to the beans here..
And you could leave a note on their wall of notes...
Latte.. Oh and did I mention they do provide training to those who wanted to learn how to create a perfect cup of latte... Patterns are poured not etched... Look at the last pic for the steps..
Latte Mocha...
Signature drink, Red Devil for Her 2.0... not bersih 2.0 ok? This is one of the fruity drinks I have had here...
Mochachino with other drinks... Feel the difference with what you can have outside yet? Read on...
Orange Moon... Coffee with chocolate powder, a slice of orange and a touch of cinnamon.. It's already nice on it's own till i start drinking it with the cinnamon "straw"... Heaven...
Coffee Baked Rice with cheese... I would recommend you to have this before you try any strong coffee unless you have a glass of water to rinse the coffee taste away to retaste this..
Focaccia Special.. Turkey ham, scrambled egg..
Pannani with cheese...
Tiramisu... What makes this special is that they are made with their own roasted beans coffee powder.. Fresh and strong I would say..
Red Devil For HIM...
The perfect cup of latte...

Environment: 4/5  (Fully air conditioned and caters only for small groups - place is quite small. go early as they are always full)
Service: 3/5 (Different waiters have different attitudes for different customers... Some are very friendly... Some are just quiet...)
Taste: 4/5 (The coffee and tiramisu is a must try again...)
Consistency: 4/5 (Second time there and coffee remains the good old taste I had on my first visit)
Price: 3.5/5 (A little on the expensive side but fair as it's still cheaper than Starbucks but serves smaller portions of drinks)
Facebook Page:
Address and Contact:
Logan Heritage No 4,
Bishop Street,
10300 Georgetown, Penang
Business Hours: 8:30am - 8:30pm (daily)
Lighthouse Coffee Enterprise
Office Phone: 04 - 228 8628
Direct Mobile: 012 - 436 0836 (Victor - Chief Barista & Roaster)
Web site:


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