Peugeot 3S Bluebox Penang

I have been invited to visit this little gem which is a blue box in Butterworth Penang the last weekend. So what is so special and what is a blue box. The first of it's kind in the Northern Region, This 3 floor blue box incorporates what we call the 3S which is Showroom, Spare Parts and also Servicing.
The showroom is located on the first and second floor. Yeah! They have lifts just to get those cars up there thus it's a whole lot more bigger than any normal showrooms giving you the preview of more cars.
Here's a look at the top floor showroom
They also have 6 service bays catering for service and repairs for around 20 cars per day
You could actually monitor them working on your car from the glass panel at the luxury of the fully air conditioned second floor.
Ever find it hard to get imported spare parts for your imported cars that the shops tell you that they need to order it for a week or two? Fret not, the spare parts are all ready in house for your general repairs, replacements or upgrades.
One common thing that I always get is that the service center would tell you that servicing your car takes 2 hours and that you are free to walk a mile away to the nearest restaurant to have your meal while they play around with your car. What if you are not hungry? Speaking from personal experience, you would literally wait for them like a "dungu" in maybe an uncomfortable cold iron chair right?
At this little gem, they provide several flat screen TV, magazines, free coffee and tea for customers, Imagine sipping coffee on a comfortable sofa looking at them repairing your car. It would surely put some pressure on those guys working down there. Now what if you have kids screaming and running around? They have the cosy private entertainment room to cater for them with build in ASTRO channels to keep your kids occupied.
For those who wanted to get away from the screaming of kids, they have 4 private professional room to cater for the working class with high speed internet for those who could not get away from work or even those who just want a private discussion.
Someone once told me that the only place to avoid when going to a car workshop is the toilet... Tadaaa!!! World class clean toilet is actually a surprise here. It's clean and odorless.
I finally got to lay my hands on the Peugeot 508 which was a real smooth and quiet ride while going from 0-100KM/H in a mere 9 seconds after paying the toll.
I really liked the special HUD that helps you see the speed without looking any lower.

So how do you get there?

CS Euro Auto, 7290-7294, Jalan Bagan Jermal, Taman Bayu, 12300 Butterworth.
Map & GPS:,100.3796157836914
Phone: 04 - 332 2001/ 7001
Fax: 04 - 324 2001


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