G Hotel Sesame + Soy review

When you ask someone about eating lunch and someone suggested a hotel, I always get the answer that all hotel food taste the same. Well I was having my business lunch at G Hotel's Sesame + Soy and found that that saying is not entirely true.
Sesame + Soy, a Pan Asian Chinese Cuisine restaurant offered me something more than the usual lunch at busy and noisy places I have my lunch at.

The quiet setting is most valued when you are meeting someone over for business or even when you just want to have lunch quietly with your partner, out from your busy schedule or hectic day. The menu changes weekly where you are given a soup and dessert of the day, the selection of 2 out of the 8 dishes available and complimentary Chinese tea for RM38++.
The Black Fungus soup of the day was served as a starter. I was not quite fond of Black Fungus mostly due to the taste before this but decided to just give it a try.
What I found was that the soup was quite tasty with a touch of chicken boiled with homemade goodness with a touch of pepper.
Crispy Fish Fillet + king oyster sauce - You could literally taste the freshness in the fish slices and goes well with the rice.
Lamb Cubes + Szechuan sauce - The chef did a real good job to reduce the gamey taste from the lamb cubes. I am personally fond of lamb so this was one of my favourite dishes.
Fried Chicken + onion and brown sauce - Jumps around like a kid over fried chicken. This is one of my favourite childhood dish done to perfection. I may look simple to prepare than it actually is. I highly recommend this dish.
Fried French Bean + minced chicken - the touch of the dried baby prawns fried to crisp gave this dish the traditional cantonese taste that I am quite fond of.
Deep Fried Beancurd + cobo - my first question was what is "cobo", it's actually a plant product that taste like fried crabsticks. A good match to the fried beancurd I would say.
Need I say more? SCALLOPS gam heong style!!!
Chicken Feet + papaya kerabu - I personally find this dish a little on the sour side with a touch of asam and sweetness from the papaya. I think the ladies would love this dish due to it's taste.
Stewed Black Mushroom + bean curd stick and assorted vegetable
This is what you get on their Business Set Lunch. 2 dishes + a rice(plain or fried rice) with complimentary chinese tea. I would highly recommend their fried rice over their plain rice. It's what I would describe as simple yet good, aromatic with a touch of garlic and egg.
Finally the dessert, honeydew pudding with strawberry ice cream. When it arrived, my first thought was how did the 2 ever come to be a combination for dessert. Both are like Yin and Yang, one end to the other and I could never tie the both together till I actually tried it. The mixture was perfect with the icy cold ice cream on the refreshing taste pudding. I think this is a bold move by the chef in mixing it. I was also told that they serve different variety of desserts of the day which includes the Gula Melaka Crème brûlée with coconut ice cream which from the sounds of it warrants a return trip just to taste that out.

Note: They are also going to offer the Ramadhan Dinner Buffet from 11th July till 7th August at G Cafe at RM88++ per person (44++ per child 7-12 years) which includes BBQ spread on weekends.

Environment: 5/5 (Clean, quiet and conducive for discussions with private rooms for 6 to 20 person)

Service: 4/5 (The staffs are friendly, helpful and serve with a smile)

Taste: 3.5/5 (I would say better than your average hotel food you could find elsewhere)

Consistency: ?? (Will visit again soon for this)

Price: 4/5 (Quite reasonable for hotel price but you are paying for the environment and quality)

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/SESAME-SOY/119037808123877

Address and Contact:

Level 1, G Hotel, 168A Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang, Malaysia

Business Hour: Lunch: 12:00 pm - 2:30 pm, Dinner 6:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Tel: +604 238 0000


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