Judgement Day: How to Train Your Dragon 2

The second installment of the trilogy. Yes you read it right. There's a 3rd one coming. This is only the sequel to the first movie.

If you have not watch the first movie, there are parts where you would wonder what is happening. Questions like how did they get to ride the dragons? How did someone loss his legs? Did his dragon bite if off?

Go get yourself the DVD of the first movie(illegal or not is up to you seriously but I ain't responsible if you ever get caught).

My take on the movie? Totally worth watching. Going for 3D? I would advice you to save up the money and for the likes of action movies aka Transformers: Age of Extinction as this movie 3D is nowhere near avatar. Seriously after 15 minutes I could barely notice if there were any 3D left on the movie. And No I ain't gonna give you any spoilers..


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