G Hotel French Bistro Buffet Dinner & G Spot

It's Tuesday and you somehow have some cravings for French Food. So where do you have French food in Penang. No French Fries is not French food please. Available 6.30 till 10PM at G Hotel is the French Bistro Buffet dinner happening every Tuesdays.

Start out with Musself in Saffron with Leek & Apples. Trust me you wouldn't regret taking this.

Next we have the Fish Scaloppini. Whole fish fillets that is juicy and tender.

Think this is those clams that you can get outside? Wrong.. Palourdes Au Gratin is actually Baked Clams with Garlic Butter and Bread Crumbs..

Then we have the Poulet Francaise which is Chicken in Mushroom Sauce.

For those who wanted some seafood, Stir Fried Squid with Spices

Specialty Duck a l'Orange (Duck Breast in Orange Sauce) is one of a kind.

They also serve Grilled & Roasted Anti-pesto vegetables.

Oven fresh Bruschetta Pizza

Cheese melting..

Calamari Frites with Tartar sauce. I am always a fan of tartar sauce so I nearly took the whole plate back to my table. =)

Mixed Seafood Grill. Just choose anything you want and the chef would grill on the spot for you.

Chicken Gyro Wrap that is served with the grilled items. Juicy and fresh

All time favourite favoured by their staffs and chef. I tried it once and I am definitely going back for more.

Blueberry cheese cake. Another must try..

Marble cheese cake. Seriously the main reason I return here most of the time is also because of the cakes.

Know why the cakes are that good? They are made by Chef Tan Kwee Lian, G Hotel's award winning Pastry Chef.

Tempted yet?

Chocolate fountain.. Jumps like a happy kid.. Seriously addictive for chocolate lovers

Think that's it? How about some ice cream? I am sure you still have some space there in the tummy for some All Natural Gelatomio ice cream served on freshly made crepes.

 Want more? The night would be still young when you finished your dinner. You wanted to spend more time with the one that mattered most to you? Or even a place to relax after the heavy meal? Head on up to G Spot for some drinks

They serve a wide range of drinks. Even those I though I would never find in Malaysia like the 12 years single malt whiskey Hakushu and Yamazaki.

Tuesdays are also Ladies night aka Girls in the City where ladies get a free flow of selected cocktails

Once you have grabbed your drink, sit and relax to the live performance of Silk & Strings, an acoustic group from the Philippines who would be performing daily at G Spot from 9PM onwards except on Mondays. As the night goes, you could also join in at the dance floor to the tune of their samba

G Hotel's French Bistro Buffet Dinner is priced at MYR108++/pax available every Tuesdays.


Nick Chan said…
Never had french meal before except their pastry! Will check it out when I am back to Penang! The food do look good!
Ken Wooi said…
I rarely dine out these days - they are pricey! Haha

Anyway, wow.. Kellaw! It's been some time. :)
Kellaw said…
@Nick you should... Different day different theme

@Ken yeah.. everything is pricey nowadays.. and yes it's been some time.. We should catch up when I am back in KL
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