TGV Cinemas D'Pulze Cyberjaya Opening

Quite a few of my friends who works in Cyberjaya say's that although it's a technology city but it seems dead when it comes to entertainment and food. Guess what? With the newly opened D'Pulze mall and the cinema, they can't really complain anymore.

From the 13th to 16th August, TGV actually had free screening for selected movies in conjunction with it's opening. There were 8-bit roadshow activities throughout the day of which you could win movie passes.

Games ranging from shooting the baddies, puzzles, video games, picture booth, stick on note board

As part of the bloggers & medias invited, Screening of Pixels with a glow in the dark Pixel tshirt! Now imagine the crowd glowing in the cinema?

Upon entering the hall, I noticed the seatings were much more spacious and comfortable than other cinemas. I guess it has became a norm with TGV cinemas with larger leg space for a more comfortable movie experience.

Whole row of reserved seats just for us..

Now what did I tell you about glow in the dark tshirts in the cinema? Oh to add on.. Pixels was totally worth the watch. It gives me the reminiscence of the old games I used to grow up with... Pacman, Donkey Kong etc.. If I were to give it a rating, it would be 8.5/10 with +1 for humorous Adam Sandler.

For more info, go to TGV website la.. You mean you don't know the site? and stand a chance to win exclusive prizes when you buy 2 tickets online ->


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