Dairy Tooth Ice House, Berjaya Times Square Review

Itching for that Egg puffs or other light bite snacks you have had when you were in Hong Kong after coming back from there? What about the Milk tea or even the Yin Yong(Cham)? What if I tell you that you could get them right smack in KL right now?

Freshly made egg puffs comes in a variety of flavoring to suit your taste buds.

Video of the preparation

Crispy yet fluffy, it's definitely a must try

I also had the chance to try their coconut coffee paired with their seaweed egg puffs creation and the combination is perfect.

Then we also have the Hong Kong Style Dong Leng Cha aka Ice Lemon Tea brewed just the HK way.

They also serve other light bites like the peanut butter waffle for those who wants a much filling bite paired with their Silky Milk Tea being one of their signature drinks made from top grade milk tea blended with evaporated milk.

One could also pair it with their Yin Yong aka Coffee Milk Tea aka Cham made the same way with added coffee for the kick while biting on their Chocolate Waffle.

Of course there are other fruit based drinks(Shown here is the Blue Curacao Citrus Yakult drink which I would really recommend) that you can choose from apart from their milk tea selections.

They also specialize in their Butter Sugar French Toast

The Spicy Chicken Floss French Toast is highly recommended.

The verdict: Overall it's a good place to go to reminiscent the Hong Kong taste right here in Malaysia and it's located right in the middle of the town in Berjaya Times Square. They have also recently opened another branch in Jaya One PJ. Price is ranging from Medium to High Range. I was expecting curry fishballs from them =)

Address: Dairy Tooth Ice House 大通冰室,
Berjaya Time Square, Level 3 (Opposite GSC Cinema)
Operating Hours: 10am - 10pm
Phone: 03-2773 4182
FB: http://www.facebook.com/dairytoothmalaysia


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