Steaped Tea Review

I have been a Tea enthusiast for as long as I could remember in search for a tea which suites my taste. The process is a real painful, expensive and somewhat tiresome as I have traveled as far as Taiwan for Tie Guan Yin, Singapore for another.

Thing with tea leaves is, it could smell nice, feel and look nice but you could never taste them at the shop except some Chinese tea leaves. It could taste really different from your expectation. Very seldom do you see a modern fusion tea shop selling it served hot. So you need to buy a big pack, dump to someone else or chuck the whole when you find it not suited to your taste.

This is where Steaped Tea comes in. Selling their vast varieties of teas, fusion teas which come from their creative mix.

What's best is you could get a cup of fresh brewed tea of your selection for an affordable price. With the large selection, there would of course one which would suit your individual taste.

Their open shelf allows you to see, touch and smell the samples so you could select and have it brewed for you.

Some blend are downright new never seen before in the market and you would be surprised that they are pleasant to the palate.

Heard of artificial flavoring nightmares in teas? From the open shelf, you would be able to see that Steaped Tea is selling an all natural ingredients for their tea.

Assorted Hot and Cold drinks you could get on the spot

Cold on the go from left, Butterfly Lemonade, Hibiscus Mo-tea-to and Iced Matcha

My very own Butterfly Lemonade. Highly refreshing for those who needs a boost

My personal favourite on a cold rainy day, the hot Lychee Tea. The longer it's steeped in, the stronger the aroma and taste while keeping me warm.

Tempted to get more of the tea you have just drank? Buy the loose tea and brew em yourself. They also sell tea wares for your personal brewing

There are currently 2 branches:
- Pavilion Mall KL, Level 6 - P6.06.00
- Sunway Velocity Mall, 4th Floor – Unit 82/83

Operating Hours:10am-10pm


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