Ong Lai Porky Local Cuisine @ USJ DA MEN Review

 Always thought that the price of food in a mall is always expensive, the food always non porky and even if it is, it wouldn't taste as nice? What if I tell you there's this affordable shop for all porky lovers. For me, it's definitely a must try for all pokku lover.

Introducing Ong Lai, a truly porky cuisine restaurant in the heart of USJ DA MEN mall. This review was made possible by KIPLE which is an app that allows users to get discounts, exclusive offers at merchants while pay using the e wallet function. Also check out the reviews of places for dine and shopping too. Ok Let's get back to the place..

It's fully air conditioned and it has the setting of a traditional chinese eatery house namely stools and tables which is quite comfortable for dining.

I love the lanterns as for me it represents the Chinese culture influence on the food

Modern Chinese influence with simplicity design.

Now let's get to the food and drinks. They serve a few Signature drinks namely from left to right, 3 layer honeydew tea, my personal favourite and a must try for honeydew lovers. The ice is made from pure black coffee making it one of the best "Cham" I ever tried, 3 layer Yam tea for that Yammy flavour, Mango Lychee Julep which is surely to refresh and awaken you and finally Cham on the rocks, pure milk tea with pure black coffee ice cube!.

Ok enough of cold drinks. Let's move to the heart and belly warming double boiled soups. Ginseng is known to revitalize ones' body and what better than that to be double boiled with black chicken for the wholesome goodness soup.

Less heaty than the ginseng, the Arrow root and Black Eyed Beans double boiled with Pork Ribs, it's definitely sweet to the mouth and healthy to the body.

For those porky internal lovers, we have the pork stomach, ginger and white peppercorn. Best served with hot steamed white rice for a simple meal.

Malacca style pork satay with pineapple puree in the satay sauce. First time I am having this and I'm lovin it!

Crispy pork intestines with porky meat balls in slow cooked porridge. For the price of the porridge, I would say it's really a bargain. Reminds one of the good old family cooking.

Hainanese pork chop rice. Mix everything together and there you have the perfect porky meal. Crispy skinned pork chop, mixed vegetables in tomato sauce. Perfect balance.

For a smaller portion and for the home sick, steamed minced pork rice with century egg and salted. I remember having this highly appetizing meal where everything taste blend as I was sick so this meal brought back memories of the home cooked meal.

I always save the best for the last.. Crispy skin pork belly with poached chicken with curry beehoon mee. Oh, how I missed the crispy skin of the roasted pork belly..

So how to get to this outlet?

Address: DA MEN Mall, USJ, LG-16, Lower Ground Floor, Subang Jaya
Phone: 03-8081 7288
Operating Hours: 11AM to 10PM daily


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