Terrace Bar & Grill @ The KL Journal Review

Well some people said that living a life in the city of KL is getting tough and prices are always soaring high so much so that one couldn't really pamper themselves with good food in good ambience. What if I tell you such place do exist if you search hard enough and it could be more than you could dream of? Nah. I am just gonna tell you where it is. Read on to find out more..

Located in The KL Journal Hotel's Workers' Union which also houses the Terrace Bar & Grill is this nice place. Yes you read right. It's in a hotel.

Bring your other half, mother or even grandmother and they get free bottomless day on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

On a good day, You would be able to see the stars in the skies with their open roof concept. On a rainy day, the roof would automatically slide down to keep you away from the rain.

Nothing beats a comfortable open air and windy elevated bar while enjoying the night with loved ones.

Felt you would want a more quiet and less open air area so you could also work while you grab a cup, they have the place.

If you want absolute privacy, they also have private meeting rooms you could rent

Ok let's get back to the Terrace Bar & Grill. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, they have live bands while on Thursdays, they have the open mic events where one would usually see stand up comedians.

I was fortunate enough to be there during both the live band days, one with both guitars and harmonica

The other with guitar and saxophone. Want to know how good they are? Watch the following video.

Tempted yet? There are more to what you see here and there's no cover charge. Time to pamper your other half to a romantic dinner?

Order your drinks and see the bartenders prepare them in front of you

What is such good ambience without a good drink right?

Handsome bartenders making your drinks.

Assorted drinks and more that one could order

One could also come alone just to enjoy the night with great music and the view of the streets of Bukit Bintang below

Me? I just grab a beer cos I ain't gonna miss out on the food right? If you feel the ambience and the drinks are good. Wait till you see the food.

For starters, you could order the Angus Beef Goulash. Beef cooked in Paprika gravy served with mashed potatoes.

Or if you are not a fan of beef like me, you could go for their Chicken Meatballs. Juicy tender chicken meatballs that is.

For a more filling meal, One could also order the Fish & Chips which uses the nutritious cod fish served with sweet potato chips. Yes Sweet Potato Chips! which for me is so much better than the normal fries

Else one could also try their signature grilled Wagyu beef burger served with sweet potato fries too. Imagine juicy char-grilled Wagyu beef in between onions, mushroom, smoked cheddar, lettuce and curry mustard..

Then we have their secret menu beef rendang

Even their nasi goreng kampong is a scrumptious meal served with keropok ikan(fish crackers), sunny side up and juicy Satay!

Eh? What is this? Mixed vegetables with Raisin Rice. No they don't serve this on it's own. It comes with...

Tadaa! Secret Menu Fish curry served with Papadoms and the rice and vegetables on previous picture. This is made to order and do call to reserve or book at least 1 hour in advance as it takes some time for this to be prepared. This is a big portion and it serves 4-6 people. This aromatic hot piping curry is definitely the go to during a rainy day.

Thanks to the Management team and Brother AJ for the invite. P.s. I actually went back for more and I can say their standards have been consistent the few visits I am there.

So how does one get there?
Address: No. 30 Jalan Beremi, Off Jalan Sultan Ismail Bukit Bintang, 50200 Kuala Lumpur Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 2110 2211
Fax: +603 2110 1100
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thekljournal/
Website: http://www.kljournalhotel.com/


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