Dine up high Ramadan Buffet @ KL Tower

When we talk about KL Tower the first thing that comes into mind would be the marvelous view at the top which offers a 360 degree view of the KL Skyline. What if I tell you that things just went better where you could eat your hearts out this coming Ramadhan while enjoying the lovely sunset with your loved ones at near 300 meter above ground? Wanna know more? Read on..

Known at the tallest publicly accessible tower in Malaysia, dining at the top of this renowned tower would be the best experience but wait, what is the best time to dine there?

Sunset which of course coincides with the buka puasa timing of course which would run from 21st May to 12th June 2018.

Enjoy the view while waiting for the last light of the day before you break fast.


Dine with your loved ones with this romantic view of the KL skyline just next to you and it's halal by the way.

Ok I guess everyone is sold on the marvelous view part, let's head on to the food part. What would a Ramadan meal be without the good old thick warm bubur lambuk right?

They have a whole grilled lamb aka kambing golek which is sure to make your money's worth

Let's go on to something lighter. Assorted ulams, salads, rojaks to start your meal.

Freshly grilled salmon which fats would definitely melt in you mouth.

Creamy thick curry chicken

Belacan fried clams

Snapper cooked in spices. This is a gem where gracious huge chunks of fresh snapper is perfectly cooked. Not too overcooked or not too raw, just perfect with a tinge of spices gravy around it.

Prawns cooked in various chili. Fresh de-shelled prawns, perfect for those who prefer not to remove the shells themselves but still love eating em.

Tumeric fried squid

Tempoyak cooked prawns

Fried mixed vegetables with mushrooms and much more dishes available(about 80 varieties in total, all for a single price)

Let's head on to their desserts. What captures me would be their Serawa Durian with steamed glutenous riceballs. Perfect combination for all durian lovers.

Other than that, they also serves numerous varieties of cakes, kuih-muih, tarts and desserts which is for sure to fill your second dessert stomach =).

So how much would it cost one to dine here? Book your early bird price before 20th May 2018 at MYR102/adult pax or MYR62/child pax(5-12 years old). Normal price would be MYR128/adult or 78/child. Free for child of age 4 and below up to 5 pax with additional pax at MYR50.

There's also a package price for a family of 2 adults pax and 2 children pax for MYR 338 with additional child pax priced at MYR65

Also there are additional promotions for buy 10 free 1 ticket, perfect for company team dinner/outing.
All prices are inclusive of GST and service charge.

Note: The Ramadan Buffet only starts from 21st May to 12 June 2018 

For more info, visit https://www.menarakl.com.my/index.php/happenings/kl-tower-bufet-ramadan-2018 or call +603-2020 5444

p.s. Guests could also top up MYR20 for adults and MYR10 for child pax for the extra trip up to the Sky Deck.


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