Selera Malaya Iftar Buffet @ The KL Journal

Yeap, It's that time of the year again when our muslim brothers and sisters fast for an entire day and eat only when the sun goes down. But wait. Where do you eat with comfort? Where to get all the food under the same roof but at the same time it must be delicious too. Look at those juicy satay BBQed to perfection served with peanut sauce, nasi impit, cucumber and onions. Look no further as this is where I would bring my friends and family this Ramadhan. Read on to find out more...

Malaysia food is what we are all blessed with and proud of so what better themed than "Selera Malaya" showcasing all the foods from around Malaysia right?

Just good old traditional food over a cup of bandung or cincau in a comfortable "Kedai Kopi (Journal)"

Start off with our favourite rojak mamak with thick peanut sauce.

Or get some ulams to tickle your senses

Next scoop the flavoured rice and head on to the next dish

Juicy succulent beef rendang done the traditional way which is non crispy =)

Next, my favourite fish head curry served with unlimited papadoms to dip it with.

Curry chicken for those who could never get enough of curry

Crispy chicken! Good to go with rendang if you really need that crispy chicken rendang =)

Another of my personal favourite, Kambing Masak Kurma. Lamb marinated in the thick date sauce is another appetizing topping over rice or just dip in papadoms again.

Assorted vegetables for those who needs to have more vege in their diets.

Next on, head to their action stall where the chef cuts a gracious piece of butterfly grilled honey chicken.

Once you are done with the main course, head on to the Lok-Lok Stop and cook your own personal favourite items on skewers to be paired with various sauces or just eat it just like that.

How could we leave out kuih raya right? As much as your dessert stomach could fill.

Did I mention chocolate fountain?

Fresh cut fruits which I personally loved to get over the chocolate fountain

Finish off with our favourite ice cream potong!

Note: Food shown are only part of the huge varieties in the buffet

Wanna know more and how to get all these awesome food?

Kedai Kopi Journal @ The Kuala Lumpur Journal Hotel
Promotion Period: 18th May till 14th June 2018
Promotion Hours: 6.30 to 10.30 PM daily
Price is MYR118 nett/pax
Child aged 11 and below gets 50% off
Child aged 5 and below eats for free
For Reservations, Call +603-2110 5411 or email

p.s. Once you are done, head upstairs to their live performances over a cup of teh tarik every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.


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