Plane In The City Kuala Lumpur Review

Want the perfect dinner for you and your date tonight? Where's the best place to go which is sure to impress your date? Want to bring your other half for a prestigious anniversary dinner but is at a lost on where to go? Fret not, I have just the place for you. Plane in the City KL has landed. Read on to find out more...

Located in Skyland Kuala Lumpur, they feature a runway lighted up with real runway lights.

Yes it's an actual Boeing 737 plane!

How did they bring setup the whole plane here? Magic =)

Real runway lights

They also feature the other attraction which is dinner in the sky

"Online check in"

Take a mugshot before being ushered into the Skyland Lounge

Wait in comfort while they prepare your flight

You could order a drink or two while waiting too

Wait for the pretty Air Stewardess to call for boarding

The plane has been refurbished and sprayed with an actual plane coat of paint

Enter the plane to be greeted by a smile

Cockpit visit!

Take selfies to show your friends who wish they could live this dream

Next up, walk on the wings

Are you afraid of heights? Just Do IT!

The internal comfortable seating which would put a business class seat on some airlines to shame =)

Dine in pairs where you get to spend quality time with your date

Customized seating for each "passenger"

First Class seat

For a big sized guy like me, the seats are incredibly comfortable

Now comes the food specially prepared by Le Meridian KL. Start off with a bread roll and butter

For appetizer, German Birch Wood Smoked Norwegian Salmon with cereal bread, pickle shallot, gherkin, avocado cream and ikura.

Meals are served by the Air Stewardess. Pretty right?

Main course: Roasted Cajun & Herbs Chicken breast served with savory brioche, leek & hickory duck pudding topped with buttered almond carrot.

Mmmmmm.. Yummeh!

You could also choose the other main which is the steamed fish of the day with soy broth, scallion, ginger & coriander on top of buckwheat noodle & wilted baby greens. The other main you could choose would be the BBQ Beef rib

End the dinner date with their Dessert, the Vanilla Oreo Panna cotta served with Berries soup and fresh berries.

Did you know Plane in the City KL is certified by The Malaysia Book of Records as the First Airplane Restaurant?

How to book your seat? Visit or call +6016-299 1396


Unknown said…
Unique dining concept. Thanks for sharing all the details through photos but I'm what was the cost and how was the food? Was it worth it?

Kellaw said…
The food is quite good, the price also include the experience. Right now they are doing promotion from 179/person
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