Beers & Fusion Food(Thai, Western & Local) @ Beer Garage Sunway

Finding the next chill out place with great food that you could Eat, Drink & Play but each of your friends have a different cravings of Thai, Western and Local? What if I tell you, I found this special beer garden chill out place that also serves all 3? Read on to find out more about this hidden place...

It's located right in the middle of Sunway despite being a little hidden.

It's also a good place if you would wanna hold a private party with fun and games.

There are darts machines and other board games available

But what captures me is the Beer Pong! This is where you get your friends to drink along!

Beer Pong in action!!

So what are the beers and stouts available? There, right from the tap. Personally, I would recommend the Kronenbourg Blanc for that fruity smoothness

Too little to drink by mug? Order by the tower!

One glass is never enough eh?

It's even better when you watch live matches with a few glasses to celebrate.

Ok Enough about the place and drinks and time for the food. They practice an open kitchen so you could actually see your food being prepared fresh and clean. I am just gonna recommend a few of the good ones to you here..

Grilled chicken wings!!

Or juicy tender meats charcoal grilled to perfection.

The final product? Juicy tender aromatic charcoal grilled chicken chop served with Caesar Salad, Mashed Potato or Fries

That or the medium rare charcoal grilled New Zealand Lamb Chop with the same selection of sides

 Then down to the local selections, The Stir Fried Roasted Pork. Who doesn't like roasted pork right?

Spicy juicy Kam Heong Bali Tong

Or the other companion for beer which also combines two of my personal favorite food, Salted Egg Har Ko(Mantis Prawn)

 Deep Fried Enoki Mushroom

Then comes the Thai food, cooked by their in house Thai Chefs for that authentic flavors, the Grilled Skewered Milk Pork aka Moo Ping which these juicy grilled skewered pork doesn't really need anymore introduction being one of the most popular food around.

Grilled Pork Neck Salad aka Nam Tok Moo for that juicy cuts of pork drenched in authentic Thai mixed sauce..

One of my personal favourites, the sour and spicy Steamed Squid with Spicy Seafood Sauce aka Pla Muek Nung Ma-now. Squid steamed just nice for that soft tender springy feeling paired with spicy sauce for that perfect pairing with white rice or eaten just as is.

I always save the best for the last, their Salt Crusted Grilled Fish. Fish stuffed with lemon grass and other ingredients, crusted in salt and grilled to perfection. The tender fish absorbs the aroma from the stuffing making this one of the dishes not to be missed when you are here.

So how do you get here?
Address: Beer Garage, No 2, Jalan PJS 11/14, PJS Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia (Enter Beer Garage on Waze)
Phone: +6017-319 9836
Business Hours: 4pm to 2am daily
They also take cash and credit cards
Their price? Reasonably affordable if you ask me =)

p.s. Their RM10 draught beer Happy Hour happens their entire business hour!


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