Want to join KL's scariest halloween party this year but don't know where to go? Come join us at THE DARK PARTY KL @ KL LIVE AT LIFE CENTRE this November.

Behold your fear for a night of music and trill.

Featuring Asia's Got Talent 2017 Winner, The Sacred Riana

Trust me when I say it couldn't get spookier than by just standing next to her..

The founder or CES Creative Events Solutions, Chris announced the lineup of DJs Pairings and also the gravity defying aerialists, flow and circus troupe who are going to perform and entertain guests at the party.

They feature reputable recognized electronic music expert DJswho would be playing all night long for guests.

The lineup of DJ pairings includes DJ Wyntell with DJ Cross Finger, DJ Jenni-F with DJ MK, DJ Racheal B with DJ Deadwood and DJ Ken Fung with DJ Keith Mintz

Are you coming? I dare you to join us!

Do You Wanna Play?

We even have a meet and greet interview with The Sacred Riana herself where we got some surprise news for her fans, A Movie is coming real soon!

So come join us for a night of horror, music and fun!

So how much for the tickets? Early Bird RM118 per ticket, Pre Sale RM148 per ticket(Bulk Purchase RM740 for Pre Sale buy 5 free 1) and Door Sale RM188 per ticket available over at What are you waiting for? Tickets are selling fast so get yours now!


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