Mi 9T Malaysia Launch & Unboxing: The Terminator Phone?

Pssst.. Agent B(Bee for Bunny) dropped by last week to collect their accidentally misplaced all new Mi 9T and forgot to neuralyse me. So here I am risking my life to bring you the news of the Launch which is about to take place in Malaysia. I managed to do an unboxing, took pictures of the phone and dug the top secret price. Want to know more? Read on...

The Mi 9T or in some places it is known as the Redmi K20 is codenamed T for Terminator and is rumoured to Terminate all its competitors. So we are here to find out if that is true. It comes in 3 different colours, namely Carbon Black, Glacier Blue, and Flame Red with the latter to be released at a later date.

 So what's inside the box. The usual warranty and manual books, The 18W charger and USB C cable, the recent good addition of a casing and the Phone of course.

 It sports a 49MP AI Triple Camera(13MP ultra wide + 48MP wide angle + 8MP telephoto) with a 6.39 inch Amoled Display with in screen fingerprint sensor protected by the Corning Gorilla Glass 5

What I like about the design is the Dynamic Holographic Back design that shines like dragonball shiny cards under lighting. This applies for both the Glacier Blue and Flame Red version. The Carbon Black on the other hand have that classy ribbed look. It powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 730 with an octa core 8nm Kyro 470 chip and also sports a 4000mAh battery to last at least for a day of heavy usage.

Look! Jack has not been left out floating in the cold icy water again. I somehow finds that it's always a must for me to be able to plug in my earphones as I have conference meetings and this is always a good sight. The hidden compartment on the left is the pop up 20MP front Camera

On the bottom is the USB C charger port, the sim tray and you did think the Audio would be bad since it's only on one side right? It's actually certified Hi-Res Audio so you get the best sound from 0.9cc large speaker box.

The pop up front 20MP Camera with flashy notification lights that makes it look like the blinking aircraft lights. For those who is afraid that the pop up mechanism would stop functioning over time, they did rigorous testing over it. Well my only concern is me dropping the phone on the ground with the pop up still up immediately breaking it off long before the mechanism fails.

But all in all with the specs offered, the technology is on par with most flagships from competitors but you know what Terminates the competitor? The affordable price which is way below the competitors.

The price? According to my deep throat sources, they would run a special promotion over Lazada on 25th June only where the 6+64GB Variant would go for only MYR1099 while normal RRP would be MYR1199. The other variant of 6+128GB is rumoured to be prices at MYR1399 but wait for the official launch to confirm the price =)


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