Experience Ultimate Refreshment with Tiger Crystal at KL's coolest bar

Did you know there's a new beer in town available all across Malaysia now? One that is more refreshing as it's filtered at -1 degree Celsius making it a smoother, more crisp and less bitter brew. Read on to know more on the launch and where to grab your Tiger Crystal for the ultimate experience..

The launch of the Tiger Crystal took place at The Square, Publika Mall

The public got to claim their free bottles for the 2 days launch event

To introduce the brewing process, the public got to enjoy the brew in KL's Coolest Bar, a specially constructed sub zero cold room

Inside, we were introduced to the new unique brewing process

For the ultimate experience we get to enjoy the all new Tiger Crystal brew in custom made ice block hewn glasses.


The night continues with more music by the live band and performances by Ryot Jones, An Honest Mistake, Kaya, DJ Bunga and others

So what is better than enjoying Tiger Crystal in it's colourless flint bottle with live performances?

Enjoying the cold beer along with an assortment of street foods of course.

My personal favourite from Tiger Uncage Street Food Hero, Im Cheah's Bacon It featuring bacon popcorns in local Malaysian flavours such as the Gula Melaka and Sambal Ikan Bilis.

Other than the live performance from Kent Siew, did you know he is also known as Siew Yoke Lou?

Piping Hot freshly made Tiger Crystal Salt-baked Siew Yoke out from the oven direct to the chopping board

Crispy on the skin, juicy and warm on the meat. So good that once you blink, it's gonna be gone.

My Burger lab with their famous burgers topped with a thickly cut slice of cheese

My Boba Lab with Tiger Crystal Jelly, Boba and beer dessert.

p.s. did you know the bottle caps are now the pulley type for easy drinking anywhere anytime without the need for a bottle opener. So where to get your bottle or can if you missed 'KL's Coolest Bar'? They are now available all across Malaysia and for the Ice Truck and in-outlet activations, check out their fb page at www.facebook.com/TigerBeerMy


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