Berbuka the Kampung Style in Carousel @ Palace of the Golden Horses

Feeling lonely this Ramadan and miss your kampung yet couldn't go home? Felt that most buffets are too commercialized and lost the human touch in your food preparation? What if I tell you there's this one place where the traditional kampung food are prepared with heart in small batches so you get the best and heart warming dishes while you eat your hearts out as it's a buffet? Read on to find out more..

Thinking of your kampung this festive season? Even their decor reminds me of the good old kampung style. p.s. they are serving over 150 dishes with 15 action stalls

With seating capacity of 220 pax, you could also organize your company's berbuka session here.

There would be Ghazal performances along with live band singing your raya songs live!

Stand a chance to get the rare performance of their very own Malaysian Kenny G with live sax

Ok Enough about the environment, let's start with their food which is what everyone would be waiting for after a hard day of fasting. Start with their pecal kampung, ulams, assorted kerabu and fried item with spices.

Then all the selections of local and tropical fruits you could eat.

What is berbuka without the bubur lambuk which has been a recipe passed down and maintained from the past decade

My personal favourite, the pit roasted whole lamb aka kambing golek, marinated and roasted to perfection(p.s. it's medium rare just as I started my meal)

Then we have the traditional satay both chicken and beef with the thick peanut sauce.

The Ikan Bakar stall offers a selection of fishes like Tenggiri, Pari aka Stingray, Kembung, Cincaru, Otak otak, Prawns, Squids, Mussels and Cockles where you select and the chef would grill them on the spot for you

Palace's very own workshop featuring the Gearbox Soup which is the bone marrow broth served with the freshly baked bengali bread

Another must try is their lamb and chicken briyani. I fell in love with this since I attended a dinner function here some time ago and it's still one of the best around.

They also serve freshly made roti canai, murtabak along with Palace's Signature Roti John made with bread freshly baked by them.

They also have the fried snacks like lekor, tempe, cucur udang/pisang/ikan bilis, goreng pisang, keledek and cempedak all prepared in small quantity so you always get yours hot from the wok

They also make the apam balik fresh so you could remember the first time you waited for yours at the bazaar ramadan or the road side stall. The only difference? You can ask the chef to add more jagung or peanut and they would gladly prepare them for you.

Then comes the assorted Malay and Nyonya kuihs, perfect along with their Cendol and Ice cream

Beribu-ribu dates! Imported dates and as much as you could eat! p.s. now you can tell everyone you have a date =)

Oh you think that's it? No they also serve a variety of other local and international food like their roast beef and lamb with assorted sauces for you to choose from. My favourite? Rosemary with Blackpepper and a hint of their mint jelly.

There are also other variety of food served which is well suited for vegetarians like their butter rice, pajeri nanas and green vegetables with beancurd etc.

Have a try on their Udang Masak Pedas Malinja aka spicy prawns

For the brave ones, the Sambal Petai with Sotong

My choice, the Wok Fried Deer Meat with blackpepper

I am a fan of freshly prepared food and what better than having your char kuey teow cooked just for you? Extra eggs? mou man tai! and you would have it

Have it your way noodles where you pick your choice and quantity of condiments and select between Laksa Johor soup base or the all famous Penang Prawn mee

Freshly made popiah anyone?

Chicken rice with both steamed and roasted chicken!

Chee Cheong Fun with sweet sauce and chilli dip plus all you can eat Yong Tau Fu.

Dig intro the generous amounts of oysters in their freshly cooked "Or Chien" aka Oyster Egg Omelette

There's always space for desserts especially cakes right?

With the amount of cakes and pastries from their bakery, I need more dessert stomach to try it all out!

Okok enough of teasing, I know you are also hungry now. What is the price and how to get there?

Early Bird Price till 30th April at RM110/Adult & RM55/Child.
Normal Price thereafter would be RM138 & RM69.
p.s. There's also the 9+1 deal, pay for 9 pax for 10 person dining!

Carousel International Coffeehouse
Palace of the Golden Horses
Jalan Kuda Emas
Mines Resort City
43300 Seri Kembangan Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603 8946 4888 Ext: 3781
Mobile: +6012 305 2609
GPS Coordinate: 3.046184, 101.709262 


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