Top 5 Reasons to be at Velocity Mall for New Year's Eve Countdown

Always wondered where to go for New Year's Eve in KL for the most spectacular countdown?  Let me give you 5 good reason why you should choose Velocity Mall as your countdown venue for years to come. Read on to find out more..

1. Entrance is free and you could also shop your way into VVIP tickets.

2. There would be no shortage of food as stores opens extended hours just for the countdown and if those are not enough, they even have over a dozens of food trucks lined up so you could watch the live performances while enjoying freshly prepared food.

3. Fun and games while you wait for the countdown at the funfair like games stores. Try your luck and win great prizes.

That or if you feel you are skilled enough, there are other games where you could prove them too.

Too crowded? There's a big screen halfway back so you would never get left out from the performances.

Trust me when I say come early as it would be real crowded which brings me to reason no 4. Velocity mall is well connected by LRT, Grab, Buses and has a large enough carpark to cater for your traveling needs.

Every year they would also invite popular local artists to perform and keep everyone entertained while we wait for the countdown.

 You would get bands, duets like Juztin and Jie Ying, singles and much more.

 Janna Nick and many many more!

Danny Koo

Oh and as it is Visit Malaysia 2020, Velocity Mall partnered with Tourism Malaysia to welcome the Year 2020.

Reason no 5: The spectacular fireworks finale of the countdown.. From my count, it's the longest you will ever get in KL for the duration of 10 minutes. Yes.. Enough for you to take selfies with your loved ones

Ain't it marvelous watching the fireworks from up close?

So when you plan your New Year's Eve celebration, now you know where to go


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