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Dinner at T'ng Tok (Long Table)

It's been some time after the Chinese New Year where I had my family dinner at this Cafe in Kelana Jaya. I felt that the food there is good and has that value for money quality in it so I decided to blog bout this place.

Yes it's called long table
Big wide space inside with traditionally furnitures. Marble chairs and tables.
Take a guess what is this?
It's the batik style menu
The story of long table
A reasonable price right? It's in Kelana Jaya. So it's considered reasonable. Wait till you see the dishes
Yes you can even do reservations.
This is all they offer which is on reservations only. I think I will be back for reservation food tasting next time.
Popiah Chee or Fried Spring Roll
Kerabu Beehoon. Look at the amount of prawns here and tell me it's not worth your RM6. Even my dad who is known for his hard to please tongue praised this one.
Nyonya Fried Rice
Hokkien Char. The amount of ingredients and the taste actually made the last few dish value for money.
Jiew Hu C…

Dinner at Traffic D'light Cafe

It's been over a week ++ where I went there for dinner with a group of friends at this cafe in Dataran Pelangi Utama near 1 Utama. Yes I know I am a slowpoke in updating with my busy schedule.

What I like bout this cafe is it's open kitchen concept and the conducive environment. Here are some pictures of the place.
Yup you can see the chefs at work
Dinner table for 2?
For the quiet ones
For the rowdy ones. Or even AGM meeting of company.

Now to the food. I was ready to snap the milk butter prawns when the whole gang just finish it. Yes it's that tempting. Anyway the butter prawns were awesome. If you are there you should just try it.
Special sauce pork rib rice. You will feel the juicy ribs on this dish and the taste inside.
This is the black bean pork rib. Another juicy dish
Now this is the best dish ever. Crispy boxing chicken. Crispy on the outside, soft and juicy in the insides.
The aftermath after a minute. Left the rice only.
Stir Fried home made noodles. This plate is enough e…

Alice in Wonderland 3D review with some secrets

I was one of the lucky ones who were there at KLCC on Monday for the media screening of Alice in Wonderland 3D all thanks to a group of good friends and Melium Group who organized the whole thing from the tea party to the 3D screening with pop corn and soft drinks,. I will let the pictures do the talking.

Yes It will only be released on the 11th of March
This is Alice, the grown up version
The Mat Hatter tea party
The caterpillar

The graphical background which brings color to the underland. Yes you read it right its UNDERLAND not Wonderland

The white castle
The battle
The beautiful scenery
The gang
Tick Tock Tick Tock. Time is running out. Tea party gonna start soon
I love the cat you know? Somehow I am like him. A little evil on the outside but good in the inside

The food!!!
Nah they are all fakesThis on the other hand is my dinner. I am serious
There one whole stretch of them
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