Dinner at T'ng Tok (Long Table)

It's been some time after the Chinese New Year where I had my family dinner at this Cafe in Kelana Jaya. I felt that the food there is good and has that value for money quality in it so I decided to blog bout this place.

Yes it's called long table
Big wide space inside with traditionally furnitures. Marble chairs and tables.
Take a guess what is this?
It's the batik style menu
The story of long table
A reasonable price right? It's in Kelana Jaya. So it's considered reasonable. Wait till you see the dishes
Yes you can even do reservations.
This is all they offer which is on reservations only. I think I will be back for reservation food tasting next time.
Popiah Chee or Fried Spring Roll
Kerabu Beehoon. Look at the amount of prawns here and tell me it's not worth your RM6. Even my dad who is known for his hard to please tongue praised this one.
Nyonya Fried Rice
Hokkien Char. The amount of ingredients and the taste actually made the last few dish value for money.
Jiew Hu Char or yambean with shredded cuttlefish
How can we leave out Char Kuey Teow here right? Haha.
Hong Bak or Braised Spiced Pork. I would totally recommend this. I can guarantee that you love this. I actually asked the auntie for more bread. Hahaha
This is one of the dessert which from what the auntie told me, it's only available during the chinese new year period.
Pie Tee or top hat. Another must try if you are here

Chrysanthemum tea and barley. They do not use the white sugar in the tea and instead used brown sugar. Not so sweet and the added ingredients made the tea taste better. Want to know what are the ingredients? Go and find out yourself.

I was told that they have set lunch which comes at a cheaper price than normal menu. For those with their office near Kelana Jaya, you should really go try

Tempted now? So how do you get there?
The address is D02-1/D03-1, Jalan SS7/19, Kelana Jaya, 47100 Petaling Jaya.

It's actually at the Plaza Glomac building.

If you get lost, do give them a call at 012-2469928

They are open everyday for lunch till dinner usually closing around 9-10pm. Do call them up if you want to know if they are open.


JLean said…
Checking out now. =)
erwinator said…
did you eat all of that? lol
Unknown said…
this remind me of the sg drama 'little Nyonya'
kisahremaja said…
i like the kerabu beehoon - lot of prawns...
from the pics shown.... the food is worth for money.....
kisahsensasi said…
i will drop by this restaurant when i attend course at kelana jaya....
Kellaw said…
lean - thanks

erwin - no, my whole family did.

baby - i oso duno but its like bubur cha cha

supia - if you drop by kl go makan lo

kisah - yeah. lots of them

hazman - thats why i said its worth down to every sen you pay

kisah - lols. never thought so many would wanna go after i write this post
j_yenn said…
I'm finally back to blogging and these are the yummylicious pics that I unfortunately have to look at just before my lunch!!!
Wo Su Shyan said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
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