Dinner at Traffic D'light Cafe

It's been over a week ++ where I went there for dinner with a group of friends at this cafe in Dataran Pelangi Utama near 1 Utama. Yes I know I am a slowpoke in updating with my busy schedule.

What I like bout this cafe is it's open kitchen concept and the conducive environment. Here are some pictures of the place.
Yup you can see the chefs at work
Dinner table for 2?
For the quiet ones
For the rowdy ones. Or even AGM meeting of company.

Now to the food. I was ready to snap the milk butter prawns when the whole gang just finish it. Yes it's that tempting. Anyway the butter prawns were awesome. If you are there you should just try it.
Special sauce pork rib rice. You will feel the juicy ribs on this dish and the taste inside.
This is the black bean pork rib. Another juicy dish
Now this is the best dish ever. Crispy boxing chicken. Crispy on the outside, soft and juicy in the insides.
The aftermath after a minute. Left the rice only.
Stir Fried home made noodles. This plate is enough even for a big eater like meSteam beehoon with fish. There is one with prawns actually but my friends didn't wait for me and tibai all already. The fish is fresh in this one.
Salted egg pumpkin. If I don't tell you it's pumpkin you wouldn't even realize it.
Here is how you get there.


jfook said…
The portion is a bit too small for my liking.
Elaine New said…
y u all din eat rice 1? haha.
ohmywtf said…
lol...u all on low carb diet is it? never eat rice one :-).....the salted egg pumpking looks and sounds interesting!
kisahremaja said…
yeah... i kinda like the salted egg pumpking...
Janessa said…
Sob.. Its been a long time since I ate out. Trying to save money. D:
Thanks for coming by! Have a great day urself too!
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