Alice in Wonderland 3D review with some secrets

I was one of the lucky ones who were there at KLCC on Monday for the media screening of Alice in Wonderland 3D all thanks to a group of good friends and Melium Group who organized the whole thing from the tea party to the 3D screening with pop corn and soft drinks,. I will let the pictures do the talking.

Yes It will only be released on the 11th of March
This is Alice, the grown up version
The Mat Hatter tea party
The caterpillar

The graphical background which brings color to the underland. Yes you read it right its UNDERLAND not Wonderland

The white castle
The battle
The beautiful scenery
The gang
Tick Tock Tick Tock. Time is running out. Tea party gonna start soon
I love the cat you know? Somehow I am like him. A little evil on the outside but good in the inside

The food!!!
Nah they are all fakesThis on the other hand is my dinner. I am serious
There one whole stretch of them
EAT ME!!! Made with sugar. Very sweet and fattening
Smile!!! I somehow love taking pics when people are not looking. More natural look
See sumore can pose for the pic
I want you to TEST this. It's RM35++ for 2 person at Dome cafe at KLCC
The full set.
Yes I am hungry
Picture from inside the cup of my cranberry juice
Orange juice!!
Pic taken outside the hall. No cams allowed inside. Flash off so this pic is blurrAfter the movie what we did? We went for Arabian food. This is milk rice with lamb. 1kg only rm50

ps. Don't tell others what I am going to tell you here. From the 10th to 21st March in MidValley, they are going to showcase the original props used in the movie.

Alice’s Shield, Red Queen’s Sceptre, Red Queen’s Hat, Lock and Chain (used to lock up Mad Hatter), “Eat Me” Cake Box, Mad Hatter Teapot, Mad Hatter Hat, Alice’s Vorpal Sword, Mad Hatter’s Sword, White Queen’s Mace and Red Queen’s Mace; the Original China used in Mad Hatter’s Tea party - all imported from the studio in USA!

• Alice’s Shield – Alice’s sturdy shield offers protection against all the dangers of Wonderland.
• Red Queen’s Sceptre – The Sceptre is always at the Queen’s side – an intricately detailed symbol of her royal power.
• Red Queen’s Hat (x3) – Such a large head demands only the finest headwear…and here you can see some of the Mad Hatter’s finest creations.
• Lock and Chain (used to lock up Mad Hatter) – The Read Queen is determined to lock away anyone who disobeys her wanton rule, but some hearts can never be chained.
• Eat Me” Cake Box – Contains the Upelkuchen ‘Eat Me’ cakes that make Alice grow to height of 8 feet tall and then even taller in the Court of the Red Queen.
• Mad Hatter Teapot – Shrinking again to a mere 6 inches to escape the clutches of Knave of Hearts, Alice hides in this teapot.
• Mad Hatter Hat – Wore by The Mad Hatter, a wild and unfathomable character who comes to mean everything to Alice on her adventure through Wonderland.
• Alice’s Vorpal Sword – Bestowing great power upon anyone able to wield it, the Vorpal Sword is made from shining silver with an ornate handle and runes engraved on the blade.
• Mad Hatter’s Sword - the finely crafted blade shows that there is more to this wild character than meets the eye…but keep it under your hat.

Shhh!!!! Keep this to yourself eh! Wait there's more.

A magical 12 days of exciting activities and contests await visitors daily. There will be special ’Let’s Party’ Dance Show, Alice In Wonderland Coloring Contest, Exclusive gift give away, and MasterCard & Malaysia Airlines Special. There’s something for everyone!

So what about the movie? The storyline is marvelous. Who had grown up not knowing even a little about the original Alice in Wonderland Story? The graphics is one of a kind but the 3D effects is kind of lacking. Yes I am comparing it with Avatar here. But all in all I would say it's a good movie for the kids and adults alike. My rating? A good 7++/10

Note: The copyrighted pictures used belongs to Disney Pictures and is found in the press kit.

Comments said…
cool, how do u manage to get this BIG offer! envy u! nex time remember to call me, muahahahaha!

frankly, how much do u earn in 1 month from adverlets ? y do u change bac to nuffnang now? to use innit? (i din see any adverlet ads wor...)
what is the total ammount of unique visitors of this blog per month or week?

i know i posted lots of questions, sorry for that, hopefully you will reply all my questions! Thank you in advanced!
pying said…
3D version is released one week earlier which is today...dun wan to watch makes me headache...hahap
those pics are totally awesome! U dunno how much i digged alice in wonderland!

thanks for sharing with us.
Rebecca Saw said…
Good post! ;)

See u at more events!

zun said…
i simply love this movie!!!!
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