Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Journey Back KL

What could a guy on the bus sitting next to a big guy who is snoring so loudly that the eardrums is having problems listening to even the music over a stereo headphones do with a camera on hand? No, I am definitely not gonna stuff my expensive lense into his mouth... So this is what I did.. I found an interesting kid seated in front of me to be my involuntary model..
Curious kid... peekaboo
Seriously this kid reminds me of my hyperactive and curious childhood..
He was making noise in the bus and guess what happened? The mum just stuff his mouth.. That doesn't really stop him. Just like when I was young and energetic
For about 2 hours the kid had been climbing up and down.. Finally he is tired.. He slept for like an hour.
First thing he did when he wakes up was to peep behind...
Last picture taken before the sky turned dark... Brings back those good old memories...

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