Sunday, June 1, 2014

Judgement Day: Edge of Tomorrow Review

Live. Die. Repeat. Sounds like a game of Half-Life where you respawn every time you get pwned right? Yup but what if this happens to you? You wake up everyday to live that same day over and over again. In a loop.

You get killed, you wake up a fresh in the same morning only to relive that day you get killed one way or another? You "reset" every time.

Watch the trailer here from Warner Brothers Pictures

I asked a friend how would he feel if he would be the main character(Tom Cruise). He replied it would be tiring. I agree but you are also given a chance to change the outcome of that day. If I am given the choice, I would have used it to change a lot of things and see how it goes.

No not save the world like Tom Cruise did but maybe something on a smaller scale. Making a difference to other peoples life.

The down side? Reliving the painful part of having lost something/someone you could never replace.

All in all this movie is a 2 thumbs up from me. I highly recommend this movie.

Note: All pictures used are copyright of Warner Brothers Pictures

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