Why are people afraid of love and commitment?

Someone asked me this question today. Seriously I am quite blur as I have not slept the previous night when you asked me this question so I guess I owe you an answer here. Some are afraid to love because they are afraid of getting hurt. Some better person are afraid of loving someone and be loved in return because they are afraid of getting hurt and also afraid of hurting the other person. It happens often in life.

You may ask why two people who are loving each other can't be together. That is because one side is not brave enough to take the risk. There are just too much unknown across the line between friendship and love(relationship). Some crossed the line and found that their life is full of colors while some just traded their freedom for hell (hell hath no fury like a woman scorned lol). Anyway, you need to access the situation and see if you are ready to bring things over the line.

Once you are sure, you just need to talk your partner into it. Don't come blame me when something goes wrong if you manage to "cheat" your partner into it and something goes wrong. All I can tell you is never give up so easily but at the same time, know when to let go of things. It's a balance here actually. It takes more than guts to get something done. Wish you all the best in life my friend.

If you love someone strong enough, you would cross the line and make things happen. Don't wait for things to happen but instead make it happen. Take the first step and maybe things would go better then you have expected. I did that with my darling and things turned out good.

* 8th day since I last heard from Kel & 3 days since the arrests.


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