The journey home(Part 1)

I know this post would be long so I will just separate it into 2 parts. The other reason being I should be doing my work instead of posting this up and bloody blogspot doesn't allow me to post anything for the past 12 hours else this would be posted yesterday night. One of the foreign students ask me how to go down to Midvalley by bus and how long would the journey take. The first question that I asked him back(don't know why but this is my reflex answer) is "You mean the actual time you are in the bus or the total of waiting time and the journey there?". He stared blankly at my eyes and ask me if it makes such a huge difference. I don't blame him because he doesn't travel much in Malaysia.

He hasn't tried waiting for the bus for over 2 hours when buses just speed by without taking passengers. Some just off the display before they even reach the station so that they need not bring passengers. These are one of those days which I wished I would just drive again but I guess I still have to let go of the past. Yeah, maybe some would say this is an excuse but you are not me, so don't judge me. With the price of petrol rising like mad added to the inflation we are in, I guess I will just take the bus home instead. One side of my brain tells me I should stop taking Rapid and take Metro bus instead.

Why? Because Rapid charge RM2 for all day long trips and the buses are more frequent but the waiting time is so long (as in buses just speeding by the bus stations) vs Metro which charges as each trip. Minimum I make 3 trips on a bus a day to get home. So if I use Metro I would have wasted RM 1 for nothing and the waiting time depends on situation. At times, I would take metro even if it costs me more. Imagine wasting 3 hours which can be put into good use doing my work.

Taking KTM would cost me even more and so many people are complaining of late train services so it is out of the equation. At times I just feel like holding a brick and throwing it at those buses which doesn't stop. Then they would surely stop but for a different purpose. Prior to the elections and by-election, you see ministers and even the prime minister taking public transport. Everyone know why they are there. I wonder if they are going to do that long term. Say all ministers can only take public transport for official duty be it to go to the parliament of what? No I am not saying I am touching on politics which is a taboo at this moment but they would know the problem faced by us and make changes. But all these are only hopes and wishes. With the rising price of things and petrol, so many people are now resorting to public transports.

With the already packed buses adding to more people who doesn't drive anymore, I think it's high time someone do something. Get plaincloth LPKP officers to nab those bus drivers who doesn't stop at bus stops and also those who off their displays. Yes, there may be genuine display faults but what happened to the good old card board with the number? I seriously think if the mp's are taking public transport, they would be late 24/7. Compare to the public transport of Singapore, I think we have lot's to improve on.

Anyway, that friend of mine took the metro bus which came before the Rapid bus I took. The wait for a bus is always filled with frustrations, anxiety and stress. Not to mention the additional tiredness after the trips but guess these things will never change for a long long time from now. At least not for the recent months to come.

A note to the b*tch who bitches about anything(be it true or not), I would appreciate if you'd learn how to keep your mouth shut when you aren't sure about the truth here. If you don't know what happened, then it's better for you to keep your mouth shut. I can tell you I am just very close to referring you to the direct management and get you the treatment you deserved but I still think about what could happen to you and how things could affect you in the future. Someone crossed the line before and I did something that they might not like it but less did they know I have toned down what I intended to do as I know what the consequences of my actions would bring to them. A few adviced me to go for the fullest I can get but is it worth it? I have everything at hand and I just have to hand things to the right person and everything those people have been working for will be gone just in a snap. But at what cost this self satisfaction comes?

You know in life there are just some people who doesn't know which line not to cross and some just openly admit they are spreading nonsense. It's just plain stupid when you did something wrong and openly admit it not because you wanted to repent but as a challenge to those who are in the other side who can make your life miserable. The Red Cross archive is always there if you wanted to refer to something and to accertain the truth but I guess a numbskull like you would never have the brain to do that and instead prefer going on cooking out stupid stories making a joke out of other people's miseries which will eventually make yourself the largest joke when the table is turned on you. I am giving you the warning here that if you cross the line of tolerance, you will see yourself getting the treatment you deserve. As they say, you reap what you sow.

One more thing I guess I should let you know. If I do rebut you, I make sure you would feel it where it hurts most. Just because you are a lady, I am not going to be that hard to you but you should know when a person is pushed to the edge of the cliff would just fight back and things wouldn't go pretty that way. So if you don't know where Kel is, then just shut the F*ck up. Seriously, I shouldn't have even wasted time here on you and let you put yourself into that misery you are in. As they say "let you dig your own grave" and when you are done, I would just cover you with the sand. I need not prove anything to you, just like I do the same to anyone I had known.

In life there will always those who would believe a b*tch making a statement but when things goes out of hand, even crocodile tears will no longer save the b*tch from getting drowned by her own silly mistakes. This is one good thing that god made as he is always fair. People can be deceived by beauty and so called innocent faces but at the end the truth always stands out no matter how long it takes. Laugh all you can now and continue making all those stupid jokes because they might just come back and haunt you when life have it's way. I just hope that those you have made fun of would just come back and give you the treatment you deserved. Like Kel said before he had gone missing, stop wasting time on someone who "mou yeok hor gau(no medicine can save)". Maybe he is right that I should just let you make your own life more miserable.

9th Day since he has last contacted any of us. Sigh. He should know better that this kind of things are not meant for jokes while some non considerate b*tch would have thought otherwise.


Anonymous said…
well i dont know you and are reading your post from a 3rd person point of view and did you actually thought about it that is it your own problem that make her goes around bitching about you or she is a psycho that likes to create stories and goes around bitching about it? so do seek out the truth before writing this kind post about her that might not be true at all.. and one more thing if your friend kel are missing, why not go lodge a police report than go bitching about other people business and not take any serious action to go find your friend...
Kellaw said…
Dear cleo,

I would if I could. He is not in the country when he had gone missing and under the country's jurisdiction that he is in now, I can't do anything except for the fact to ask all friends (members of the Red Cross) to seek out and find him. That's the best I could do at this moment for him.

At times I blame myself for being a useless buddy (a pairing system we used in Red Cross where we take care of each other) because he is there on a mission while I am here continuing my studies.

My problem which makes her go around b*tching and flaming around is because so far I did nothing to all her nonsense. If I did, it would be bad against her and her future in particular. I don't b*tch about others until they drag me into things and spreading lies is one of them.

Plus all these b*tching wouldn't hurt me much like the consequences would hurt him. This is as long as she doesn't cross the line which constitutes as harassment. Let her lie all she wants.

I do seek out the truth before I speak here. People do come to me with stories she spread. I don't mind much if she is speaking the truth but lies? Anyway I wouldn't be bothered wasting time on her. I have better things to do in life and screwing her is not one of them unless she manage to change herself as the top priority on my list.

The truth is out there written in black and white. People just resend what she wrote to me and I checked to ascertain if they are real. I seldom go screwing someone in the public unless it's truth I am seeing in front of me.

I don't know if you know her or not but if you do, I think you should just advice her against doing something which might get her into serious troubles. I for one is someone who isn't afraid to use the law against those who crossed the line and when I do that, it wouldn't be nice anymore.
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